December 17, 2010

>1 trillion online display ad impressions served in U.S each quarter

Following on from my recent post about Facebook delivering 24% of all display ad impressions in U.S, I thought it would be fun to visually represent this to illustrate the sheer scale of what this actually means.

Now imagine if 100$ bill represents 100 ad impression delivered:

Now imagine 10 000 ad impressions – not much, eh? Not going to get noticed, right?

Now imagine 1 million ad impressions – still pretty small.

Now 1 billion ad impressions – getting up there now in size.

But check out 1 trillion ad impressions (and by the way, the man in red is standing in the bottom left corner and the $ pallets are now double stacked,  head high : )

Now if there are currently 1,3 trillion display ad impressions available each quarter in US and 24% are delivered in Facebook, look at the last image and imagine what that actually represents! ┬áLast year, Facebook impressions represented 9% of all display ad impressions delivered, this year 24% – what will it be next year, 40% ?!!

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