August 19, 2011

110 Stories: The 9/11 iphone App

What is it?

The development team of ‘Zero Innovates’ has created an extraordinary app to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City. In 21 days, they raised the $25 000 required to implement this highly innovative, ‘not for profit’ initiative.

How it works

For those people in the vicinity of New York City, they can activate the app on their iPhone, guiding them towards the original location of the Twin Towers prior to 9/11. Once properly oriented, augmented reality kicks in, showing their silhouette in a pencil-like outline during the day and in shimmering light at night.

The app also allows New Yorkers to simply tell their stories about New York, contextualized around a view of the Twin Towers, magnified by the power of crowd-sourcing.

Phase 2

A further real world phase is planned for the 110 stories project in the coming months.

At 110 locations around the NY metropolitan area, there will be identical benches, in locations from which you could once see the Towers.┬áThe purpose of each installation is simple – create a structure that, when viewed from the bench, visually places the outline of the Towers, where they once stood, in the right apparent size. Its the real-world cousin of the app.

My personal memories of World Trade Centre

I remember having visited the observation deck of the World Trade Centre back in 1991 whilst travelling, 10 years before the terrorist attacks. It was a strange feeling on the day of the attacks, looking at an old photo that I had taken from the observation deck of the WTC up towards the Empire State Building, a view that I knew no longer existed since the collapse of the Towers. See below.

I can only imagine how poignant an app like this must be for true New Yorkers.

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