November 26, 2010

Wigs for Cats ?!

Check out this rather niche website, , where you can order a colourful wig for your lucky kitty !! I personally don’t find the look aesthetically pleasing and would in fact suggest that it looks positively demonic.

From a practical perspective and from my own personal experience, we have a cat, Tony, who if he does not wish to be stroked, it’s just not going to happen.The thought of even trying to make Tony more handsome with a pink wig is highly unlikely if he’s not on board with the idea !

In addition, I imagine when the ends of your beloved cat’s’ beautiful locks are covered in either chicken in jelly or sour milk, the desired look that the cat’s owner was aspiring to must surely be lost !!

Here’s where it gets even weirder, I then discovered that Facebook has 8 separate fan pages for these Cat wig enthusiasts, the most popular of which has nearly 5 000 fans, !!

The final icing on the cake for me was seeing the promotional line on the most popular of these Facebook Fan pages – ‘We believe in bringing your cat’s dream’s to life.’

If you look at the image above of the cat in the pink wig, I don’t believe that he thinks he is living the dream, but is probably more likely to be thinking that he is going to leave a surprise in his owner ‘s slippers in the morning !!

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November 18, 2010

Facebook changing the online ecosystem

Recent studies show that Facebook is delivering 24% of all display ads available in the US online market each quarter – this mind blowing statistic is contradicted by emarketer’s finding that only 10% of ad dollars are actually being allocated to Facebook. Reasons for this could be :

  • Advertisers not realizing the scale of influence of Facebook in the online ecosystem
  • General uncertainty as to how to approach advertising strategies on social media sites such as Facebook, which were ultimately created to build relationships and facilitate human connections, not advertising
  • Relatively untested and traditional banner formats available

One thing is for sure, Facebook’s new messaging service and it’s joint announcement later today with Myspace (that I think may involve Myspace conceding defeat by opening up to using Facebook Connect ) is only likely to make Facebook even more attractive to users and advertisers alike !

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November 9, 2010

Famous Booths

Booth Museum

Having researched the Booth family name briefly recently, I found that there appear to have been some that left a rather strong impression on the world. Interestingly enough, the two most famous appear to have been at either end of the ‘goodness spectrum.’

John Wilkes Booth

At the negative end of the scale, aspiring actor, John Wilkes Booth (left) made his mark by shooting an unsuspecting American President, Abe Lincoln, in the back of the head at Ford’s theatre in Washington in 1865 .

However, on the positive side, William Booth (below) founded the Salvation Army, an international organization created to provide landlords with cheap furniture for their rental properties….amongst other things !

William Booth - Founder of the Salvatian Army

So, while I am not remotely aiming for the same international notoriety that both John and Bill achieved in their dramatic lives via their actions, but if I can either disrupt your head with my humble blog’s viewpoint, or add some online charity and happiness to your day with a mundane online word or pic, then like my renowned predecessors, this modern day Booth will have made an impact !!

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November 9, 2010

Birth Announcement

I am extremely pleased, excited and proud to announce the birth of my latest child – my Robservations blog ! Whilst this birth can never compare to the births of my gorgeous children, I am looking forward to the challenge of listening to, feeding and nurturing it !

The embryonic idea of creating my personalised online space to reflect my personality was seeded several years back but for one reason and another it never came to fruition. However, even though time is even more precious than ever these days due to numerous work and family commitments, I have recently felt a strong creative urge to share my thoughts, interests and viewpoints. This is not meant in an arrogant way since I shall not be crying if I’m the only one to glean entertainment from them. I just needed a creative outlet and a blog seemed like a good place to start.

The name Robservations was chosen for several reasons:

  • I intend the blog to be a light mixture of creativity (in its various guises), comedy, and media/marketing, so I wanted the name to be light in tone. It will certainly not be a pretentious industry blog although I do have a viewpoint about many current media and marketing issues and industry challenges, that I will share from time to time. My articles shall be short and concise for the most part – time is so precious for everyone in 2010.
  • Being lucky enough to live in Quebec and enjoying both languages, I wanted the name to work in both French and English which it does…kind of !!! However, the majority of my posts shall be written in English due ultimately to time constraints and also not wanting to massacre the beautiful French language. I feel privileged to be part of the French culture in Quebec and embrace it 100% – I work in french, my kids are educated at french schools, but the reality of my blog is that it would limit hugely the quality and quantity of my posts.
  • I came up with the name Robservations whilst writing trivial comments in my Facebook status and it seemed to be quite catchy and well received
  • And the final reason was that the Canadian URL was available !

Huge thanks to my brother Andy who helped me enormously in getting this up and running, as well as getting the look and feel right. Can’t thank you enough Bro for all of your hard work and effort.

So here goes, let the journey begin. I hope you enjoy! Feedback, of course, is very welcome.

Once upon a time…….

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