April 29, 2011

T Mobile Royal Wedding Dance

Following my previous posts (click on the singing man below) about fantastic T Mobile viral campaigns in the UK, they have excelled themselves with this great video containing Royal look-a-likes at the Royal Wedding.

Yet again, the key to their latest topical, Royal success is a great, entertaining idea that people want to share in very large numbers – it’s not an ad. It is amusing, powerful video content to which the T-Mobile brand has tagged its name – that’s all. Check it out below.

By the way, I really hope that is actually Harry in the video!!

Nice job, T-Mobile.

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April 28, 2011

2 TV ads from 1970s – truly awful

Irish Spring 1977

As a marketing man, I can appreciate Irish Spring using the bad guy (Mr Miagi’s nemesis) from the original Karate Kid movie to demonstrate their brand attributes of :

  • Manliness (by showing Irish men arm wrestling & writing the words manly deodorant soap on the packet) &
  • Double level deodorant (let’s cut open the soap and show the two colours.)

All that being said, it is a truly crap 70s ad.

The Hair Man 1978

Er..Don’t know where to start……Just watch it and enjoy the following:

  • The top camera transition from left to right – seamless to the TV viewer!
  • The entry mid-way into the TV spot of the actor applying the ridiculously fitting hairpiece like a hat
  • The Hair Man logo in the final frame – what the hell is that. Appears to be a deformed animal on a ski lift

The people of Hobbs, New Mexico should be proud.

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April 27, 2011

Automotive Post Its – a new product?

Very creative use of Post Its – the attention to detail and use of colour is spectacular.

I guess Post Its can be a good reminder if you forgot where you left your car.

Post It Jag

A not so Smart present – lots of unwrapping required

Racing Post It roll bars in the back – nice attention to detail

Walt’s Car I presume - but who’s Walt?

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April 26, 2011

What is Social Search?

What it isn’t

People searching for friends  in social networks.

What it is

The ability for search engines on various sites to integrate your own social graph (your social graph, in non jargon terms, is the people you are connected to via social media.) Click on the video below to understand the Google +1 button.

The problem with Google +1

Google presumes that you know what you are looking for and is built around actions

Facebook, however, assumes that you aren’t really looking for anything specific, but that you turn to your friends to see what you should be looking for.

So Facebook is driven by relationships and Google is driven by actions.

The Best Real World Analogy – social difference between Facebook, Twitter and Google

  • Facebook is like the neighbourhood bar where we hang out with our friends and acquaintances, see familiar faces, and awkwardly interact with strangers
  • Twitter is the town square where we engage with people of common interests and shared experiences, some of whom we know and most of whom we don’t
  • Google is like the town’s main train Station –  We’re all there for the same purpose, (but here’s the key,) we’re just passing through on our way to different destinations. The social interactions in a train station are minimal, at best; even if you see a friend, you’re probably only going to say a quick hello, since you’re specifically heading for your train.

Google’s Post It note!

So Google +1 is like leaving a post It note on the bench at the main train station – it has no reference, there is no consequence for me to leave the note and it may or may not be seen by my friends.

Main Reasons why Google +1 might not succeed (in my opinion)

  • The +1 button may have come several years too late
  • Will people ‘+1′ their searches in large numbers? Will they bother leaving a virtual Post It at the station!
  • It is not just your friends who will influence your social search rankings – how credible are my contacts in my social sphere?
  • People need to create and maintain their Google profiles in large numbers for this to work
  • Search is inherently very simple but refining your Google +1 results will add more steps and time to the consumer, even if the quality of search results will be higher, since they have will have been recommended by your peers
  • Will spam be an issue?
  • Will privacy be an issue? Certainly a potential grey area
  • I don’t think ‘+1s’ will appear in Google Analytics  – less measurable possibly?

However, it is speculated that +1 will improve your natural search ranking which is obviously a good thing.

Clearly the gloves are off between Facebook and Google, so let’s see which one gets knocked out, but my money’s on Google +1 !

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April 21, 2011

Social Media: From bowling to pinball

I recently attended a conference given by Steve Irvine, Senior Business Leader at Facebook Canada where he mentioned an excellent analogy to explain how social media changes the way that we as brands deliver messages. I find that visual analogies are very powerful to communicate shifts in the way that our industry is evolving and this is a great one.

A game of bowling shows how we have traditionally communicated with consumers, with the brand (the bowler) rolling a ball (the message) towards the pins (our target group.) Clearly this is a very direct one way approach.

He suggests that social media is more like a game of pinball with us (the player) sending the ball (the entertaining or useful shareable concept) into the game area where it is thrown around by those online, and occasionally it will come back to us. At this point, we as a brand have to use the flippers to interact and throw it back into the social media sphere.

If we as brands do not feed the social media sphere by flipping communications back, the ball will drop through the flippers and the longer term, two way relationship between consumer and brand will die.

Going forward, let’s just think about allowing for two way communications in order to build and maintain brand momentum.

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April 19, 2011

Facebook Studio : What is it?

Today, Facebook has just launched a new networking community, Facebook Studio, specifically for the advertising world.

The site aims to :

  • Target ‘marketers, creators and fans’
  • Facilitate the sharing of ideas and feedback
  • Highlight best practices
  • Provide a sortable gallery based on : most recent campaigns, most shared and what friends are saying
  • Allow creatives to post work for feedback in a gallery
  • Provide a permanent showroom that highlights star Facebook marketing tool users
  • Provide a learning lab and an extensive agency directory.

See the video above for why Facebook is the new word of mouth.

By creating this hub for marketers creatives and fans, Facebook is able to control the quality of the creative work and provide help which should ultimately provide more value to advertisers, consumers and Facebook alike.

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