May 31, 2011

From Cat nip & Cat nap, to Cat app

Hats off to the brand managers at Purina for this branded ipad App for Cats that combines three games apparently created based on Cat research. Click to see the actual cats in action.

Obviously the research identified that Cats will try to jump on anything that has fast random movements – as you can see, they certainly like to bat digital fish and virtual cat food!

I love how Purina has moved away from a traditional approach to communicating their brand by producing an entertaining app that clearly would appeal to Cat lovers everywhere.

This is not about campaign reach – it is about giving their core cat food buying consumers something that is fun which they know lots of people will want to share virally, and simply putting their brand name to it – 844 000 views on Youtube so far.

The key to this initiative in my opinion is that even though very few people will actually bother getting the Purina branded cat app and let their cats claw up their ipad, hundreds of thousands of Cat lovers want to watch and share the video content showing it.

This is where the brand ‘love marks’ come in that should ultimately convert to ROI, if followed up with other solid brand initiatives

And for those worried about kitty clawing your hi tech ipad – a simple cover will protect it from Cat Scratch fever!

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May 30, 2011

A Swatch Watch Twitter twist !

An interesting initiative from Swatch earlier this year at a New York fashion week party. A model was covered in 107 Swatch watches that people could own by simply tweeting about the dress using the #swatchgirl hashtag.

Although the dress took 2 hours to put together, the 107 watches were all gone within 1,5 hours at the event, as a result of tweeting.

Swatch estimated that 400 000 people were exposed to the Swatch stunt through Twitter.

I love this sort of creative thinking that combines the latest culture, technology and media consumption in order to promote brands in a fun, interactive shareable way. Offline should work hand in hand with online for best results.

Nice one, Swatch.

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May 27, 2011

Goldfish see UV and infrared lights…..really?

Please don’t ask how I found this out, but I came across the fact that apparently:

Goldfish are the only animals to see both UV and infrared lights…errrr…………..

but last time I checked, the Goldfish that I see at the Pet shop appeared to be excellent at swimming and pooping on the go..but less strong at verbally communicating their thoughts and sensations to the humans that are sprinkling food into their aquariums.

Give the poor things Raybans if that’s the case – they must all have cataracts.

And so armed with this bizarre animal fact, I delved deeper online and came across a site,, that states categorically the following:

WHAT?! How must that piece of animal research have played out verbally:

Scientist: Hey Steve…stop licking yourself. What colour is this Swiss flag?

Steve the dog: What, you mean the Swedish flag?

Scientist: OK – let’s try another one. Steve, What about this England flag?

Steve the Dog: You mean the Swedish flag again.

Tony the cat: Yeah, me too…I’m only seeing Sweden

Scientist to other scientist: It’s what I thought..they can only see blue and yellow. Told you !!

But then it got better – the site, show us pictures of what we see as humans….vs. what dogs, cats and bulls see !!

And then they really start talking bull:

So bulls are colour blind ! OK.

Good job they don’t walk or cycle to work..there would be dead bulls at street intersections all over the world where they misinterpreted a red for a green light.

Enough with the ‘scientific animal research’ that states that :

  • Bulls are colour blind,
  • Dogs, Cats and Mice recognize Swedish flags and
  • Dolphins have the mental age of a 1st grader.

We don’t actually know because they cannot talk – although some animals do apparently love drumming.

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May 27, 2011

Google Music vs. Spotify for Facebook (Facebook Music)

Google announced this month their Music Beta by Google product that they are currently testing in U.S where they say that:

  • music is easy accessible via various platforms
  • it is cable free and
  • consumers will ‘spend more time listening to music and less time managing it’ (a nice dig at iTunes !)

Click on image to learn about the new Google Music product :

It’s funny that Facebook is allegedly about 2 weeks away from announcing a similar launch of  a Facebook Music product, where apparently they shall be partnering with Spotify.

According to Wikipedia:

Spotify is a proprietary peer-to-peer music streaming service and application software from a Swedish based company. It allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums, with virtually no buffering delay.

It is only currently available in Scandinavian countries, France, Netherlands and UK but that they are presently ironing out some last minute issues with regards to rights etc so that it becomes available in US (not sure about Canada.)

The new product is expected to be called Spotify for Facebook rather than be a stand alone music service.

The features on Facebook :

  • will appear as an icon on the left of the newsfeed (I imagine it will be the logo above), where users are used to seeing the messages and events icons. Clicking the icon will install Spotify on your desktop and allow users to play songs through Facebook.
  • the ability to listen to music simultaneously with your friends over Facebook.

Let’s see what happens next – I still really like the notion that the music will be shareable with friends simultaneously. This is how our mass TV viewing habits will be in the future , I believe – sharing our thoughts in real time on our screens during shows/video content with our Facebook friends.

Exciting times.

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May 25, 2011

Alexandre Pellerin: Remember the name

Always fun when you come across exceptional creative talent in whatever field of work – even better when they work in the same company as yours!

Alexandre Pellerin, an art director at Bos, the Canadian ad agency where I work, decided several months back to do a drawing of himself everyday for 365 days – the beauty of his creations are the absolute simplicity of each one with an accompanying one liner that explains the situation. His images are almost always similar but with a slight nuance that makes them brilliant.

Some of my favourite examples include:

Me wearing Nylon’

Me in love with a Big ‘A’

Me sleeping standing up

So I look forward to more great work from this talented Quebecer – go to and check out his latest daily pics.

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May 20, 2011

1.33 million years spent on Facebook worldwide…each month

Facebook stats claim that  700 billion minutes are spent worldwide on their site each month… that is nuts. Just think about it.

That equates to 11.6 billion hours


486 million days

which is 1.33 million years…….per month….on Facebook

You get the idea, but have you ever considered that if, for example, the notion of online privacy snowballs and an online company like Facebook goes out of business (very unlikely, I’m just saying), what are worldwide Facebook users going to do with those 700 billion minutes…or 1,33 million years each month.

Hang out on street corners with spray paints? 11,6 billion hours of monthly graffiti ?

Go for lots of long jogs? 1,33 million years of jogging ?

Go back to books and start reading the classics that you never got around to? 486 million days of reading ?

So let’s just hope that it doesn’t happen  – Personally, I find it difficult enough jogging for 45 minutes, let alone 11,6 billion hours. Hehe.

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