September 27, 2011

From Internet to ‘Outernet?’

As people working in the rapidly evolving world of ‘new media,’ we are constantly wearing our futurists‘ hats, predicting where our industry is going and how we can communicate with consumers in the incredibly fragmented, social 2011 media world.

But since the digital world has changed dramatically in recent years, I think our terminology may need to reflect this evolution.

After all, we don’t speak the language we used to years ago in medieval times – check out the Boars Head Book of Cookery!! Things evolve, right?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of the Internet is :

a global system of interconnected computer networks…’

and while of course the internet as a medium is stronger than ever as an infrastructure of communication and consumer engagement, it continues to evolve at an alarming pace and it’s form continues to morph.

Which leads me to my discovery –  I recently came across a series of childrens’ books called ‘Outernet,’ by Steve Barlow. The title of the books got me thinking.


Perhaps the word ‘Outernet’ could be used in our industry to better explain the new reality of the media world in which we live, since significant elements of digital are moving from a central, relatively closed (although global) virtual network, to one that now spreads out into real world with its ubiquitous, real world digital tentacles?

Mobile (ipads, iphones, tablets etc), Foursquare check-ins, Facebook and other social channel check-ins, Tweeting on the go, QR and other codes, digital billboards etc could all be considered part of this new, highly engaging, transient ‘Outernet’ experience.

What do you think about the possibility of ad agencies and media suppliers creating positions such as an Outernet engagement specialists, Outernet experience designers or simply Outernet suppliers ?

It seems like a suitable, ‘catch-all’ word for all real world, transient digital communications outside of the PC or Mac, no ?!! Just saying.

Your thoughts?


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September 24, 2011

Graphtastic !

I can’t explain it, but there is something about amusing graphs and Venn diagrams that I love – Consequently, I thought I’d try and produce my own.

So here is the first of what may well become a regular feature on robservations. I realize that there’s only a handful of people that will enjoy this feature (or understand my obscure humour !) but I’m cool with that.

I’m trying to think of a catchy name for a regular graphy feature – any suggestions?

Hope you like it !!

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September 16, 2011

Cakes from hell

Sometimes you have the best intentions when making or ordering a cake for that special someone that you know, and sometimes the results are just plain disappointing.

From the site, take a look at some of these beauties that perhaps shouldn’t have passed ‘cake quality control.’

For example, be careful when ringing up to order a cake and saying that you want nothing written on the cake.

So proud that it’s a boy, that they had to write it incorrectly twice.

And thirthly, check out this classic. What a lucky girl or boy Anasys or Anasyn is.

And twenty thirthly, this one’s not bad either.

But finally my favourite, simply because the final result must have been so so far from the original expectations of the client who wanted the logo of their favourite University of Kentucky team for their special day…..


They wanted this:

But got this:

Should have had YUK written on the cake, not a deformed UK !!

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September 14, 2011

Robservations in New Honda Video

Here’s a new ad campaign that just started airing this week in Quebec to launch the New Honda Civic – the campaign contains the popular Quebec comedian, Martin Matte who encourages you to take a virtual test drive with him.

You can take a photo of yourself and it appears that you are being ‘test driven’ by Martin. Click on photo below for the full experience :

However, upon watching the video, I was pleasantly surprised  to notice at 27 seconds, that the home page of my blog appears with my yellow tinted face appearing in Martin’s car windscreen !!! (Mind you, blink and you’ll miss it but at least I know it’s there!! hehe.)

The video shows a typically entertaining Martin Matte  who leaves the world of the internet in his new car, and finding himself in a series of interesting real world situations, shows us the various features of his vehicle.

Love the ever changing wigs by the way – totally random but very amusing !


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September 6, 2011

The Gimme Bar

No this is not a popular, trendy Montreal pub. It is in fact an amazingly, useful online tool that allows you to store any online content that you want (a bit like bookmarking but with images and pieces of content, not simply URLs to websites.)

Click below to see the demo.

Simply open up the Gimme Bar, drag and drop the cool image or content you want to keep, and it visually shows all the saved content on the same page.

Your items are stored in your personal library in the cloud. In addition, full social functionality is there if you wish to share your cool content with others.

The Gimme Bar is currently available by invitation only, so go ahead, click above and ask them for a Gimme Bar!


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September 4, 2011

The Invisible Man

Great piece of modern artwork entitled The Plasticizer, created by Liu Bolin (the invisible man) who likes to camouflage himself in various situations.

His latest work was a 10 hour creation of a supermarket camouflage and is particularly impressive.


But he has also been a fallen down house:

and an arrested man!

Sometimes we use the expression, I’d like to be a fly on the wall – we’ll I guess he could !


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