October 31, 2011

The Love Machines: Coke

Always fun to see an advertising initiative that creates ‘Love Marks’ for a brand, as Kevin Roberts, the head of Saatchi and Saatchi would say. The strength of this initiative by Coke is in its simplicity – they created a couple of really entertaining pieces of video content around modified Coke Machines that they filmed and placed on Youtube.

The quality of the content resulted in significant ‘earned media’ for the Coke brand, which means that online users viewed and shared the content in huge numbers (which was free for the brand) simply because it was entertaining.

Here is the first one from Argentina, The Happiness Machine :

And the second one is along exactly the same theme, but modified slightly for London, England:

Again, the brand stays central to the content but they both leave you with a fluffy, warm feeling.

They then evolved the big idea even further by encouraging friends to work together to get the maximum benefits from the unusual Coke Machine. Check out below to see what I mean:

Nice one, Coke. Your core idea was truly simple but your execution was just fantastic.

In future, we need to continue producing highly entertaining pieces of video content, to which we can attach brands in a fun way.

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October 27, 2011

Effective Media vs.Obvious Media

I decided to put ink to Mac today! and throw out some thoughts about interactive media and a situation that I often see and hear that is specific to online media planning and execution.

Traditional Media is more obviously visible

With Traditional Media, every placement chosen whether it be in TV, Radio, Billboard or other, is more obviously visible and in a finite position eg on Channel X at 7,30pm for 30 seconds, on a billboard at the corner of Streets X and Y for 1 month or on Radio Station Z at 8.05 am for 10 seconds.

Put simply, a client or a planner can easily be reassured by actually seeing or hearing their planned medium. The reason for this is simple:

  • a TV spot is shown to thousands or sometimes millions of people at exactly the same time,
  • a Radio spot, same thing
  • and of course billboards remain permanently in place, exposing every passer-by to the chosen message for a specific period;  the busier the location, the greater the potential exposure.

However, the same cannot always be said for Internet as a medium.

The majority of really smart online marketing strategies rely on incredibly, high tech ‘backend’ targeting to reduce media waste and make the communications as near to the one on one experience that we are all aspiring to as media/advertising and marketing people.

So if a client or an agency person does not see a small Facebook ad, ad banner or text link, this does not mean at all that the media objective is not being achieved. Advertising on the Internet exposes one message to one computer at any given time.

So an online ad campaign comprises a series of thousands or millions of various ad formats being delivered at different seconds and minutes in the day from web sites or blogs to individual computers in the geographic area chosen by the media planner. It is 1 online message delivered to 1 online user (computer) at any given time. 

If you then factor in to this scenario the notion that we can add further levels of detailed online targeting to reach consumers such as :

  • geographic
  • demographic
  • contextual
  • weather
  • interests
  • behavioural,

this ad campaign then becomes more difficult for a client or agency employee to physically see each of the exact placements since that person may not fall into the target group.

An additional important element is that most online ad budgets do not even scratch the surface in terms of available ad inventory in the market meaning that your ad is going to be in rotation with sometimes as many as 5-10 other advertisers. This would require you to refresh your visited web page several times to see your ad, if you have a low ad spend on a site with huge ad inventory – most importantly however, this doesn’t mean that the message has not been seen or enjoyed by each desired user ! It just means that you have not seen it.

Moving to Mass Customization

Internet as a medium (including via mobile, ipad and other new platforms that will be created) will continue to become smarter, more high tech, more effective, more accountable and more relevant to individuals. We as an industry (particularly interactive media but eventually traditional media) should be moving towards a ‘mass customization‘ scenario where many consumers are able to enjoy a deep engaging, experience, personalized to them and their needs or interests.

Social media is a great example of this – I can create or share pieces of web content with my own friends online in Facebook, 4Square, Google+1, edited with my own personal tone and manner.

With time and the consequent demographic shift, we shall eventually be reaching more and more ‘Lean Forward‘ consumers wanting to engage with our communication, if it is interesting or useful to them, and shall reach less and less ‘Massive Passives‘ who are currently the majority of media consumers in 2011. As a general rule, these ‘Passives‘ don’t feel the need to interact and prefer to merely observe. This is generally indicative of the older age groups.


So I’ll leave you with these final thoughts :

  • I don’t see spaceships, but I know that they are effective for helping us find undiscovered worlds
  • I don’t see nuclear reactors, but I know that they are effective at powering entire cities
  • I don’t see satellites in Space but, but I know that they are effective at transmitting Pearl Jam’s Sirius radio channel into my car

Sometimes you don’t see Internet communications, but I guarantee that in the hands of a good online strategist with a black belt in webstratsu, it is VERY VERY EFFECTIVE !

Trust me  – I’m an Interactive media doctor! Hehe.







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October 24, 2011

Pies + Mums + Supermarkets = amusing

Another original graphy production from Robservations !

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October 24, 2011

Virgin: Book by weather

An interesting concept from the Miami Ad school from two students suggesting that Virgin could operate a ‘Book by Weather’ service for the more adventurous travellers. Check the video below to see how the idea works:

Ultimately, since the weather is key in our choice of holiday destinations as well as the final success of our holidays, these savvy ad students are suggesting that a couple of days prior to a consumer’s chosen departure date, the travel agent/airline sends them the name of their holiday destination based upon weather criteria, destination date and price.

Here is an example of the kind of weather questions you could be asked:

Funny thing is, since we Brits are renowned for heading straight to the beach on the first day at the resort and exposing our veal-white skin  to the mediterranean sun’s rays for 12 hours straight, I would propose an additional ‘Burn by weather’ option – choose your high temperature and high UV index, and decide how stretched and sore you want your face to be ! There could even be a George Hamilton setting.

No offence, George !

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October 19, 2011

Trimensional: your face as a 3D image

Check out this great $0,99c app called Trimensional that simply transforms any photo you take into 3D. You can also shares movies and animated gifs of your 3D images! How cool is that?

I wonder if you wear 3D glasses when your taking a picture of yourself in 3D, whether it would break your iphone, in the same way that typing the word Google into Google would break the internet !!!

I need to go and sit down – this is all just too mind blowing !!

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October 17, 2011

Blurry Graphs!

My latest attempt to combine humour with graphs (not a natural combination) but I hope it works!!

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