January 25, 2012

Mirror Graph from Robservations

Just saying!!!!

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January 20, 2012

It’s graphy Time!

Oh to be a kid again! Ninja Batman – the ultimate super hero.


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January 11, 2012

Future role of TV in a digital world

Very interesting vision of the Head of Global digital at Pepsi, Shiv Singh,  with which I largely agree, regarding the role that TV will take in an ever evolving digital world.

Interesting that he heads up ‘paid, earned and social media’ for Pepsi. No silos here  – some brands still see social media as being a separate silo – they shouldn’t. It is simply media that is engaging and multi-directional, rather than the traditional one-way push.

He says that the 6 biggest changes to TV are going to be:

  • Creatively, the narrative will change for TV as we consider the TV spot to be only the trailer for the whole story eg the doorway to deeper engagement

Digital allows the brand to have a deeper relationship with consumers because of its very nature – so benefit from the low engagement high reach of TV and then the high engagement of digital.Obviously this ratio can be tweaked according to how digital savvy your target is. Creatives could perhaps tease more with the TV spots, inciting a deeper dive into digital , and then digital provides the engaging infrastructure for consumers to have fun with the brand.

The TV spot is becoming the trailer for a deeper interactive experience.

  • Fewer and fewer advertisers will start their strategic marketing planning with a television advertisement in mind.

Ceate an engagement strategy first and then see how we can creatively exploit it to the max.

  • Engagement metrics shall heavily influence the planning and buying of TV spots

We currently use GRPs as the electronic buying currency but this is likely to move more towards a GRPE where the engagement aspect of TV shows is taken into consideration when buying and planning. Companies like Seevibes are already reporting how engaging TV shows are.

  • The ability to target by location will force a format that has historically been passive and impersonal eg static Television ads, to be much more engaging

Can tie in digital and TV in  a more local way and measure the efficiency of each initiative – Google is seeing lots of potential in the local business market and they are obviously able to target and measure pretty much everything!

  • Plan for real time digital participation

The closer that marketers can get to real time participation to consumers conversation, the deeper engagement that they shall have with them. A good model for the ad industry is that of ‘political lobbying’ where small teams are able to react quickly to breaking news, comments and engage quickly in the conversation. Old Spice did it really well.

  •  Reflecting digital culture through television will become a priority for brands

Many consumers care most about what’s trending in pop culture  –  music, entertainment, sports or celebrities. All this typically breaks online today. Reflecting that and sharing it with wider audiences in ways that correlate to the brand’s objective, is going to become a new role for TV advertising. It’s going to give street credibility to the brands. It’s going to start with those 15-second spots but soon all advertising will cover this.


With the proposed launch of Apple TV sets this Fall, let’s see what is included, how much it costs and how quickly it will be consumed by the masses. Eventually video content(shows, movies) will come and find us according to our interests and our previous behaviour in a similar way to how Amazon currently works.

And quite frankly, I can’t wait!!



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January 8, 2012

Getting Graphic with Billy Bishop

A January Robservation for Montrealers about our favourite Torontonian, Billy Bishop.

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January 5, 2012

Buzzwords and Bullsh#t

The Ad industry is at the beginning of an explosive revolution, not seen since the start of the industrial revolution where processes, technology, innovation all changed so dramatically that the way that business was done and information & products were distributed, were transformed forever.

In 2012, there are lots of similarities to that epoch.

Like our predecessors, we are also continually looking for innovative ways to evolve away from existing paradigms that have existed since the first days of advertising with regards to:

  • technology
  • measurability
  • processes,
  • procedures,
  • skill-sets perceived by the industry to be valuable,
  • different ways to distribute messages and products,
  • changing role of the consumer  and 
  • participative nature of the consumer in creating and distributing the brand message etc.

The earliest days (and we are still in the early days!) of internet as a medium, were very crude, very raw, and very non strategic in many cases, and when it evolved from the ‘push’ of web 1.0 information to the multi directional, participative communication of web 2.0 and beyond, many of those original online pioneer publishers fell by the wayside.

Many made millions and continue to make millions, but many others simply went out of business because of the rapid change. The strongest have survived…for now.

And I think to a lesser degree, that this is going to happen with those claiming to be ‘social media experts‘ in our industry.

We are currently  in a phase where there are thousands of individuals/companies/organizations claiming to have the required skill-sets to exploit these ‘social media ‘channels for brands but at the moment, our industry is simply reacting to ‘Buzzwords and Bullshit’ (a term that I think would make a great album title by the way!) and many ‘experts’ are being hired based on very little or no substance, and lots of hot air.

In many instances, he who shouts the loudest, is getting the Lion’s share (in the short term.)

But in the same way that the Phoenix rose from the ashes in Greek and Roman mythology, and in the way that healthy green tree chutes eventually grow back after a forest fire, in my opinion, this is what we shall experience in the coming years with regards to the 2 magic catch all words – ‘social media.’

Out of the carnage, the strongest will survive and the best social media people to help brands will remain.

My belief is that with data being the driver behind everything in the future in terms of communications/marketing/advertising and even creativity, it is the concrete numbers that will define which ‘experts’ in social media are truly ‘the experts’ in the long term.

An additional important point to mention is that social media is currently treated by many companies as a separate medium that is mutually exclusive from all other media.

However, realistically Social Media is becoming more and more integrated into traditional media channels –  Google predicted in 2010 that 75% of all online display ads shall be social in nature by 2015.

Any company that is able to seamlessly integrate ‘social functionality’ into their corporate culture and their brand communications, and have the numbers to back it up, will be the winners. Consequently, a knowledge of the workings of other mainstream media such as TV, radio, out of home as well as new media platforms, will certainly be an asset.

Example – I believe that in the future, Video content across all media could and should regularly be used to simply kick off an engaging brand initiative to the masses, and that the internet can then take it to another level in terms of a greater depth of engagement, sharing and use of social channels. A knowledge of only online social media will not be enough in such a scenario to maximize the brand benefit.

And don’t forget, that there will be a time soon when the term ‘social media’ will no longer exist because most communication will inherently contain a social element.

So all I’m ultimately saying to brands is, please be careful in 2012 of ‘B and B !!!’

What do you guys think?










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January 2, 2012

On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

10 gold earrings based on your actual baby teeth


9 Horrified B-Movie Victims 

8 books called ‘ A Million Random digits: The Sequel’

7 Hummingbird Helmets

6 Bread slippers

5 Mr T Rubber Ducks

4 Metal Detector Sandals

3 bottles of Wolf Urine

2 Racing Grannies

and a Can of Unicorn Meat

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