February 24, 2012

Actual bowling with your i-phone

Put your actual i-phone or Android phone inside this thick foam ball, The-O, and play 3 games from apps that you can download.The ball is estimated to cost approx $25

These apps use the phone’s accelerometer to function, which supposedly make the games more realistic than the Wii or Kinect.

Personally, the idea of stuffing my i-phone into anything and throwing it at something does not appeal at all !

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February 23, 2012

Car fuelled by social media…literally!

Amazing social media initiative from Brazil soft drinks brand, Guarana Antarctica, that involves fuelling a car on a journey from Sao Paolo to a party in Salvador, using social media interactions.

What? How does it work?

A Facebook ‘like’ counts for 10 meters of distance travelled in the car and a Facebook ‘comment’ for 20 metres! In order to verify the actual number of metres travelled per interaction, a tablet in the car shows the interactions in real time. (They have currently done 556 000 metres!)

If they don’t get enough interactions for the daily miles required, a system that connects the app to the vehicle ignition will prevent the car from continuing!!

Great way to fuel a real world activity using social media…quite literally ..fuelling !





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February 22, 2012

Graphs about Dirty Clothes,Yawning and Adele

Do you guys agree !!



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February 18, 2012

United Kingdom of Great Britain explained !!

I originally came across this on the site: prettyboygeeks.com a while back. It is a pretty amusing video that explains the difference between The United Kingdom and Great Britain. Hope it clarifies things for you but I think it unlikely!

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February 14, 2012

Perceptive Media: BBC testing some crazy TV ideas

The BBC in England is currently experimenting with some mind blowing new media based around TV viewing !


What ideas are they testing ? Imagine this:

The core idea is that they want to customize each persons TV viewing experience , meaning that what I see as content during a TV show will be subtly different to what someone else is watching, even though we are watching the same show at the same time in different places.

Examples of this personalized experience could potentially include:

  • Inserting photos of you or your friends into photo frames in scenes that appear within the TV show content that you’re watching. Could eventually potentially take images from your social graph such as Facebook, for use in the TV show you’re watching!
  • Background Music playing in the TV show you are watching will reflect your musical tastes ! What?!!
  • The TV will recognize that you missed the previous episode of your show, so it will give you an additional plot explanation.

How could it work ?

A  TV signal would be sent, as normal, to your set-top box or TV. The hardware in your living room would then be able to modify that signal with information about you, to create a subtly different version of what you were watching, personalized for you !

Likely to eventually be able to include your social graph so your friends images etc could be included as content too!

What are the potential issues?

According to the website ‘The Next Web':

But with the upcoming arrival of Apple TV set this year (that will potentially bring the App store to your living room among other things), Amazon’s recent deal with Viacom to provide interesting Video content, as well as Google TV‘s offer which will surely evolve over the coming years, our future video viewing possibilities have never looked better, from an engagement and relevance perspective.

I can’t wait to see how social media will mesh within this crazy framework to provide us exceptional interactivity and entertainment as consumers. Is movie content eventually going to be largely available in the cloud and not for purchase by consumers in the future – possibly!

But for now, hats off to the very traditional BBC for trying to push the traditional visual boundaries for us.

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February 10, 2012

2012 Parenting: Redneck style

Father gets his revenge on his daughter about her ‘disrespectful’  Facebook wall post that obviously touches a nerve or two!!

Great narrative build up to a fantastic finale that begins at around 7 minutes. Seems long but worth every moment!

2012 Parenting, Redneck style! Enjoy.




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