March 22, 2012

Manliness Venn

Well it’s true!

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March 21, 2012

Jesus Daly?

Something made me laugh in front of my Mac like a madman yesterday and I deemed it share worthy. Just appealed to my sense of humour

A friend and colleague, Jean-François Deschamps sent me a link to a site with the highest number of Facebook interactions I have ever seen in my life!

The Site? Jesus Daily.

And while there are sites with huge numbers of overall Facebook likes, I’ve never seen numerous specific Facebook homepage posts getting in excess of 100 000 likes and >3 000 comments, like this one below!

And then I wondered if there is someone called Jesus Daly on Facebook, not Jesus daily. And there was!

And here he is:

But I noticed that Jesus Daly (from Papua New Guinea) lists his favourite films as :

  • I wasn’t that drunk
  • Looks like the Wolfpack
  • and Pussay Patrol

Which got me thinking again.

I wondered if Christians online that stumbled across Jesus Daly (instead of Jesus Daily) on Facebook by mistake, may be disillusioned that the son of god apparently had a preference for movies about drunks, wolfpacks and Patrols of Pussay.

I imagine they probably would be.

So I went in search of  Jesus Weekly on Facebook. And here it is:

But unfortunately Christians appear to prefer daily information about the messiah, rather than on a 7 day basis, because Jesus Weekly appears to have 12 316 343 likes less than Jesus Daily and 643 less even than Jesus Daly!!!

My final bit of investigating turned up another Jesus based site, for those who want some online Jesus but not too often: Jesus Bi-Weekly!

This guy in his Facebook ‘About’ describes himself  above as ‘the Facebook Jesus!’ Quite the claim for a page with 10 likes on Facebook that has a total of 800 million members!

My Conclusion ?

Jesus Daily is the Global Holy Grail for us as social media experts seeking to maximize consumer engagement with brands.

Jesus Daly likes camping and has great Pink glasses.

Jesus Weekly needs to work some miracles to increase his fanbase beyond 3 (Mum, Dad and brother?!)

Jesus Bi-weekly needs to consider launching a Jesus Tri-weekly to compete with Jesus Daily! 


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March 20, 2012

Creepy Human Shaped Mirrors

Artist Rob Mulholland has created six mirrored statues in Scottish Woodland to get people to reflect on man’s impact on the environment. But the effects are pretty creepy for such a simple idea.

And seen from another angle.

Very simple idea – very powerful visual impact. Nice one, Mr Mulholland.

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March 20, 2012

Pinterest: 2 lesser known facts

I’m sure most of you aware of the Internet’s latest star site, Pinterest, which now has approx 13 million site visitors a month.

It is on everyone’s lips at the moment.

Here are some key facts (that you may know) :

  • Fastest site is history to reach 10 million users (faster than Google, Facebook and Twitter.)
  • 80% of activity on site is repinning (at equivalent time in Twitter’s evolution, 1.4% of tweets were retweeted.)
  • Pinterest already drives more referral traffic to websites than: YouTube, Linkedin and Google+ (and it it is still only available by invitation only.)

But here are 2 important facts that you may not know.

I have personally been experimenting with Pinterest to better understand the do’s and dont’s and to see what works and what doesn’t. And so far this is what I have found.

  1. Don’t pin several images in the same Pinterest category in the same hour

In order to avoid spam images being posted, Pinterest only posts one pin publicly per hour per category on your boards. The consequence is that if you are looking for lots of repins and you pin say 3 images in a short period of time, only the first image will be publicly displayed on Pinterest. You will notice that this will be the only image of the 3 you posted that will get repins.

Consequence: if you have numerous strong images that you want to use to maximize your repins, spread them out in terms of when you pin them per board eg no more than 1 per hour.

Here are some personal examples of similar images I had pinned in a short period of time where the first image got significant repins and the second similar image didn’t.



2. Pinterest Users from U.S and UK are very different

In a recent Google Doubleclick Ad Planner Traffic Stats Survey, significant differences were identified between US and UK Pinterest Users :

  • 12 million users in US vs. 200 000 users in UK
  • 3% of U.S Pinterest users are in highest tax bracket vs. 29% in UK
  • 83% of US Pinterest Users are women in US vs. only 44% women in UK

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues when Pinterest in U.K becomes more mainstream.






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March 19, 2012

Top 5 weird book titles

Hope you enjoy these 5 niche textual oddities !! Enjoy.

#5 The Sexual Politics of Meat

#4 The flat footed flies of Europe (this is $161, by the way!)

#3 Knitting with Dog Hair

#2 Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself


#1 The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories


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March 16, 2012

From Friday’s Comedy Booth: A Plane Seat Graph

Is it me or do I always feel like a dentist on a plane with the passenger sitting in front of me leaning back into my lap ?

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