April 28, 2012

A Panic graph

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April 27, 2012

Online Clicks = Online Conversions? NOT!


A study out by Comscore and Pretarget this week states that:

If an online conversion is your goal, your ad being seen matters more than your ad being clicked.

What ? Are they mad? No, absolutely not.

In our industry, this is important news that may begin to put to rest those who continually ask for click through rates on display ads as the holy grail of online metrics.

The study cannot be taken lightly since it was based on  263 million ad impressions delivered  over nine months across 18 advertisers in numerous verticals.

Simple Study Highlights

  • Clicks had the lowest correlation with conversions
  • Ad ‘hover'(dwell time in the ads) and viewable ad impressions had the highest correlation with conversions.

Other Recent studies with similar findings

1. A 2009 Mediamind study released in July 2010 that found that :

  • on average, increasing Dwell time in the banner [hover] from 5% to 15%, increased conversion rates by 45%, from 0.4% to 0.6%.”

2. Casale Media’s 2011 “Ad Visibility Report,” found that

  • “ads appearing above the fold were 6.7x more effective at generating conversions than those appearing below the fold.”

Interesting to note that there are now several online auditing tools available that confirm whether your online ads are being delivered above or below the fold eg do you have to scroll down your screen to see them.

I had been wondering for a while who would be the first online ad supplier selling advertising space on a ‘cost per guaranteed exposure’ basis and now we know.

Saymedia announced on April 17th that they now offered ad impressions based on this model – interesting to note that they were also the first to launch the Cost per guaranteed ad engagement model several years ago.

So the gloves are off. It will be interesting to see who has the guts and the inventory to follow Saymedia’s innovative model…watch this space




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April 27, 2012

Lost Stormtrooper seen in Oz

Hats off to Jacob French who recently raised $100 000 for the Starlight foundation by walking across Australia dressed as a Stormtrooper:

By covering the 3 016 miles between Sydney and Perth, Stormtrooper French got through 7 pairs of shoes and lost 26 lbs.

I just love the surreal photos above showing people going about their daily lives while a Stormtrooper pushes a stroller along the bike path. Brilliant.

Perhaps this is what happened to those lucky few on the Death Star that managed to escape the deathly grip of the Sith Lords and who escaped to settle down and live normal lives. However, not sure what job opportunities you have after having  ‘8 years of Death Star Stormtrooping’ on your CV !!

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April 26, 2012

Amazing Artist, Ben Heine

I saw these pictures by belgian artist, Ben Heine, this week and instantly fell in love with his style –  put simply, his pieces combine photographs and pencil drawings but the end products are just phenomenal (for my taste at least.)

Here’s a selection – I’ll let them speak for themselves:


Cat & Dog


Lady in frames

Balloon Love


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April 25, 2012

Canadian Online Ad Spending

For those of you who are asked by clients,’how much should we allocate to online media,’ you can now at least say that on average:

  • In 2012, brands in Canada are allocating 23% of media $ to online marketing but
  • in 2016, it is expected to be 30% in Canada.

Important to realize that this is an average so if you have a younger target group of urban people eg 18-24, you can allocate way more than the average and likewise if your target group is significantly older, then you might want to reduce it down accordingly.

This % allocation represents:

  •  $3,08 billion dollars in Canada in 2012 and will represent
  • $4,5 billion in 2016

The net takeaway of this study is that brands, suppliers and agencies need to have solid business models in place that reflect this significant change that is rapidly approaching. Those that do will still have a business in less than 10 years time…..the others, you’re on your own.

Just saying.

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April 25, 2012

How Pinterest makes its money

I apologize from the outset at using the most overused social media buzzword of 2012, Pinterest, but I just wanted to divulge a little known fact about this latest, hottest site on the web.

I admit that I have experimented with Pinterest for several months now to see what all the fuss was about and have managed to find the sweet spot in terms of content type that generates repins, among what is a predominantly female user base.

But here’s how Pinterest makes its money – they have partnered with a company called Skimlinks which scans every link of every post on the site to see if it goes to a retail site with an affiliate program.

If it finds such a link, it will add an affiliate code that ensures Pinterest is paid for that online lead! A fascinating and seemingly fair monetization model actually, but not entirely transparent on the part of Pinterest.

I’m intrigued as to when they will become a little more ‘pinteransparent’ about their use of our pins and repins.

In the meantime, happy pinning everyone.




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