June 28, 2012

Multiscreening increases TV viewing!

We all know that we multitask, we all know that we multiscreen, but a recent study out of the UK has identified some key insights that go beyond the usual studies. The findings are highly significant for us as marketers.

‘Screen Life: The view from the sofa’ is a study undertaken by Thinkbox who filmed the living rooms of UK TV viewers and analyzed 700 hours of their viewing habits. This was coupled with detailed psycho-physiological analysis and digital ethnography (you can find the full details in the link at the end of my post.)

The key findings were that Multi-screening:

  • keeps more viewers present for ad breaks
  • encourages more TV viewing
  • does not negatively influence ad recognition
  • brings people closer to TV
  • appears to encourage more shared and family viewing

My findings from this insight

From an advertising perspective, this demonstrates a clear need for fully integrated multi platform strategies (and budget allocations!) if we want consumers to engage with brands in a deeper way.

This would also appear to confirm a post that I previously wrote back in January entitled The Future role of TV in a digital world where I quoted the Head of digital at Pepsi, Shiv Singh, who believes that TV should and will become a trailer for the whole story from a narrative perspective eg it will be a doorway to deeper engagement via digital.

If you agree with this POV, it will require an adjustment to the entire creative process with TV spots becoming more of a teaser in nature that encourage deeper digital engagement across several digital platforms.

This will, however, require new thinking, new procedures, new routines and  new metrics within our industry in order to consistently implement and measure such initiatives – with time, as the younger demographic groups become the mainstream, that real time need for brand engagement is only going to increase in importance.

We as advertisers need to recognize that.

So here’s a concluding analogy for you that I just thought of using Disney World:

TV can make many people aware of the front door of your brand at a relatively low engagement level like this

But digital communications will allow you to invite many of those people past the entrance, and provide them with a deeper, more entertaining long term experience  – the fireworks, the parade, the lasers, the giant candies.

This deeper engagement is the key to good CRM that will ensure that consumers will continue to be interested in future initiatives that the brand has to offer, and will subsequently come back for more.

What do you guys think?

Here’s the link to the study: ‘Screen Life: The view from the sofa’




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June 23, 2012

Are you a door slammer?

Just make allowances for these people in future please! hehe. Feedback always welcome, guys!

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June 21, 2012

Porsche thanks its FB fans

I absolutely love the strategy adopted by Porsche to thank its first million fans in Facebook ( I think this was done last year but I’ve only just come across it!)

They designed a brand new Porsche and printed the 1 million fans’ names onto it. Watch the time-lapse video showing what they did.

Then they created  a special thank you page just for fun!! This is great too.

It’s extraordinary the way that Porsche has been able to make 1 million people feel special –  now that is how to do ‘mass personalization, people !’




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June 20, 2012

Are tablets becoming popular?

A post for my media and marketing friends!

A recent tablet study out by The Online Publishers Association, the trade body, and Frank N. Magid Associates, of 2 450 people shows some interesting results regarding media and purchase habits.

Before we get into a summary of the numbers, look at this graphic below that shows how ipad penetration has blown away both iphone and ipod, products that we considered to have become popular pretty quickly – it is not even close how much faster  the ipad is becoming embedded as a media touchpoint in the US :

So what came out of the study?

I’ve tried to summarize the key points below that I feel are most powerful.

  • Tablets (incl. ipads) are used by 31% of US people, expected to rise to 47% by next year (It was only 12% last year!)
  • 52% of tablet owners have an ipad
  • 74% use it daily
  • 85% of tablet users use them for multitasking, alongside watching TV or a mobile phone
  • 66% multitask with ‘3 screens’ eg mobile, TV or PC
  • 61% have purchased content eg books, magazines, films etc
  • 96% have downloaded apps and 72% have paid for apps
  • 38% of users had made purchases after seeing tablet ads in the last six months.
  •  A further 38% had researched products, 23% had clicked on these messages, 20% had redeemed coupons or offers, 19% visited product websites and 15% logged on to Facebook pages.

For the full study click here: Tablet behaviour in US

However, a very new player in the tablet market, the Microsoft surface tablet has got me intrigued to see how much of a threat it will become in the coming months and years, particularly with the addition of a sleek keyboard and some interesting functionality.
I remember looking at the original Microsoft surface table technology back in 2009 for a client, but Microsoft has now basically produced a smaller more mobile version that I think could be incredibly popular and be a very very serious threat to the ipad.
Click on the image to see video explaining the arrival of the new Microsoft surface:

So now we have the following battles playing out in new media:

ipad vs. Surface, Facebook vs. Google, Google Play vs itunes, Amazon vs. Netflix, RTB vs ad networks and many, many more.

Watch this space to see who prevails in the tablet world!



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June 19, 2012

Kids bedroom graph

A roomservation from Robservations!!

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June 19, 2012

Coke is watching you..

Having been a fan for many years of the innovative approach that Coca Cola has taken with regards to its advertising (see love machines and coke hugs,) I really enjoyed their latest effort that changes the paradigm that Security cameras are intrusive things that are installed only to capture negative actions.

Coke has flipped this preconception for their Latin market and has created a video montage of wonderful moments captured by ‘big brother type’ cameras – they have used a catchy Supertramp tune to round off their communications.

Love it – thanks Coke. More love marks for you.

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