October 30, 2012

Top 5 Halloween Costumes

#5 Incredible Transformers costume – watch it transform! Click on the image to watch the magic happen.

#4 Three headed dog beast

#3 Toy Soldiers

#2 Caged nerd

#1 The best Halloween costume I have seen so far this year – words not required! So simple but so impactful. Love it, love it, love it.


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October 28, 2012

Top 5 stupid questions on Yahoo answers

These speak for themselves – they are genuine questions that appear in Yahoo answers. I took the screen captures myself.

Here is my top 5 that defy human logic :






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October 27, 2012

What is a brand C.A.T Scan?

This week, I was reflecting upon how our media/marketing industry processes, procedures and executions need to evolve in the future, and consequently reinvented a popular medical anacronym, C.A.T scan.

A C.A.T scan is not to see how much your fluffy feline friend costs at the cash, but is an acronym that I thought suitable to check whether :

Creativity, Agility and Technology have been built into your brand’s marketing/media ideas and processes.

What are you on about, Rob?

I’m going to use 3 examples to explain my point:

1, Agility

The multidirectional approach to media in 2012, particularly with respect to social media, means that consumers can give brands feedback (negative and positive) about them or their communication initiatives. Agile companies are able to identify and react quickly to these opportunities and respond with  killer content based on this consumer feedback in almost real time, that consequently has:

  • much more impact,
  • becomes more relevant and shareworthy to their consumers and
  • certainly more entertaining to them.

A perfect recent example of this was executed to perfection by Bodyform.

An online hater named Richard Neil ranted on the Bodyform Facebook page, complaining about their ads saying that in real life, a woman’s menstrual period is not, in fact, a wonderful monthly experience during which she goes parachuting and rides lots of rollercoasters.

When he finally got a girlfriend and went through her first period, “There was no joy, no extreme sports, no blue water spilling over wings, and no rocking soundtrack,” he wrote.

The socially agile media team of Bodyform had the processes in place to produce the following, amazingly sarcastic video content, creating a fictitious CEO of Bodyform, Caroline Williams. What a genius reply to an online hater whilst more importantly getting the masses to tip their hat to their brand with a smile ! Click on image for video.

2, Creativity & Technology

I want to show you 2 examples of brands that have exploited technology in a very creative way to entertain consumers, and break through the white noise in the advertising market.

Firstly, check out what chocolate company, Nestlé, did in the UK – a simple stunt (well the core idea is simple ) that combines a simple creative idea around GPS technology and the chocolate bars themselves. Click on the image below. The video is self explanatory:

Chocolate + GPS + SWAT teams descending from helicopters + $10k in cash = Amazing shareable brand content and huge ‘love marks’


Secondly, look at how Red Bull combined the multi screen experience of TV and mobile with an initiative that they did with NBC in USA that allowed people to see different camera angles of a ski race in real time on their mobile phones using the Shazam app. Click on the image to see the idea in action:

Fantastic mass personalization for Red Bull’s consumers using creativity and technology, and another huge generator of Love Marks for their brand  – they followed this stunt up with a Wile E Coyote freefall parachute record last week that you may have heard about! Hehe.




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October 24, 2012

Vending machines and kids

Something I have robserved !


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October 23, 2012

Thumb Portraits

Check out these fantastic thumb-based portraits by artist Dito von Tease.

Steve Jobs


The Dalai Lama 


General Khadafi


Four thumbs up from me.

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October 20, 2012

‘Correct change’ graph

Please have your change ready – we’re all waiting back here !

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