November 28, 2012

Cat Breading, Planking and Milking

I thought I would briefly talk about 3 of my favourite internet memes, popular concepts that spread virally online

So let’s kick this off.

1. Milking

A recent trend undertaken by UK Undergraduates that basically involves emptying the contents of a milk container over your head in a public space and photographing it:

Here are some examples:

2. Planking

Last year’s popular meme that involved lying like a plank, face-down in a public place, as demonstrated by these talented individuals:

3. Cat Breading (My personal favourite!)

Again, the clue is in the title. This particular meme involves taking a photo of bread on your cat, beautifully modelled by these furious felines:

So what can we start as the next meme? Any suggestions?

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November 27, 2012

Ariel’s dirty shirt shoot

Very clever initiative for Ariel washing detergent in Stockholm, Sweden.

How better to demonstrate the cleaning ability of washing detergent to the Facebook community than to set up an interactive booth in a busy train station where downloaders of a Facebook app could control an interactive gun and fire various messy liquids at pieces of clothing that they could win.

Check out the video by clicking on the photo below:

My net takeaway

The Pros – A really out of the box, fun, innovative approach to try to engage users with their brand in a very unsexy brand category where brand engagement is usually very minimal. (People generally don’t care about washing detergents.)

Seriously high tech for a brand initiative – connecting online to offline to giver users control of their gaming experience

The Cons – Judging by the relatively small number of YouTube video views (approximately 75 000) for such a unique piece of video content that they created, it seems that they may have put most of their $ efforts into the technology behind producing an interactive gun and the development of a Facebook app that connected to the impressive live onsite event, and perhaps assumed that the content would be strong enough to spread virally without paid ad placements.

As is often the case, even the strongest video content needs support from paid media placements to ensure that the content is exposed to more people initially, who will then hopefully share or comment on it.

Final thoughts

Creating a unique onsite event/experience for a brand such as this one for Ariel,  should not simply be judged on how many people will potentially see it on site (eg the foot traffic at the Train station at any given time), but rather as the creation of quality, share-worthy video content that if exploited correctly with a strategic plan and media dollars behind it, is capable of reaching millions of online users globally in an engaging and fun way.





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November 22, 2012

World’s most boring video ?

This post was inspired by a rather unique YouTube video found by my friend and colleague, Jean-François Deschamps that shows a man at a desk reading the longest word in the english language, the definition of the Chemical, Titin, that is 189 000 letters long.

The world’s most boring video?

So here’s what had me laughing hysterically – the video is 3hrs 33 minutes long and all he does is read the word. Check it out.

The experience for me was completed by the flower that appeared to die mid way through the reading and the mans’s beard growth:

Bloody boringly brilliant !



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November 17, 2012

Long Lost Tudor Twins

20 yr old, Max Galuppo got a bit of a shock at a recent visit to Philadelphia Museum of art when he saw a painting dating back to 1562 that looked EXACTLY like him…and I mean exactly. Check it out. How weird is that !!

Which inspired me to find some people you may know and their extraordinary historical lookalikes:

King Philip IV of Spain (1605-1665) or Mark Zuckerberg 


Nicholas Cage or a Tennessee man from 1870s


Frank Langella or Victoriana Huerta (former president of Mexico)


Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter) or scottish painter, Sir David Wilkie (1785-1841)


Hank Azaria or Rudolf Steiner, philosopher (1861-1925)


General George Patten or Donald Trump

Anyone believe in reincarnation, by the way. These are freaky, no?


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November 16, 2012

Geek Coffee Tables

‘I bought a decaffeinated coffee table; you’d never know it, to look at it’  –  Steven Wright

Hope you like this collection of wild and crazy coffee tables:


Cassette table by Jeff Kierka



Nintendo remote table by Charles Lushear (this Nintendo remote is fully functional.)

Han Solo Coffee Table

Rubix Cube Table

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November 15, 2012

20 Sexy Social Facts

We read a lot about Social Media but I thought I would compile 20 lesser known facts to surprise the non-believers. So here they are:

  1. Links about sex in Facebook are shared 90% more than any other type of link
  2. 7% of Americans have never heard of Facebook (What?!!)
  3. There are 10 likes in Youtube for every 1 dislike – a bit like real life actually !
  4. 5,3 billion searches in LinkedIn annually
  5. Google+1 button is used more than 5 billion times a day
  6. 97% of fans on Pinterest Facebook page are women
  7. Earlybird is the most popular filter in Instagram (12% )
  8. 500 years worth of video are shared every day in Facebook
  9. Facebook acquired 1 new user every second for 3 years from 2009-2012 (and that is just in US)
  10. 2,7 billion Facebook likes per day
  11. >1 million linked in groups
  12. In 2011, Youtube had an average of 140 video views for every person on earth
  13. 829 000 videos uploaded to Youtube daily
  14. 30 billion pieces of content are shared in Facebook each month
  15. 34% of social media users never post anything – Cyber voyeurs or what ?!!
  16. >1 million LinkedIn groups
  17. Twitter handles more search queries than Yahoo and Bing combined (24 billion vs. 4,1 and 9,4 respectively)
  18. Average age of a Facebook user is 38, average age of a Google+ user is 28
  19. Average time spent by a user on Pinterest per visit is nearly 16 minutes
  20. Gangnam Style is the most viral video ever with 679,620,147 views although my favourite is Charlie Bit Me with only 494,074,850 views !!


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