December 10, 2012

Just Drop It !!

An interesting social initiative from aggravated NHL fans, fed up of being abused by the NHL and the NHLPA’s lockout.

 A small group of guys are trying to create a community of ‘hard done by ‘ hockey fans called Just Drop It whose pledge is that for every game after December 21st that fans miss because of the lockout, they shall boycott an equivalent amount of games. eg if 10 games are lost after Dec 21st before an agreement is made, fans will boycott 10 games.

In addition, the Just Drop It community pledges not to buy any NHL merchandise whatsoever.


 Whilst I think that this would be extremely difficult to hit both sides where it hurts, in the wallet, I admire these guys ingenuity and use of social media to try to make a difference. But I do agree with their slogan  – Just drop it, NHL and NHLPA.







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December 2, 2012

The best infomercial…ever

If every company was able to hire this guy for their infomercials, products would be flying off the shelves in unprecedented numbers. Check out this fantastic product – Sugru. My kids are already excited by it and want some SUGRU !!

Check out the fantastic infomercial.

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