January 27, 2013

‘Fix Me’ Holes

An unknown person in the english town of Swanage has taken it upon themselves to identify the worse pot holes in his/her town……by circling them with paint and writing the words ‘Fix me’ next to each one !

So far, there have been about 10 ‘fix me’ holes spotted.

I can think of a few people that this could work well on actually !!

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January 26, 2013

S.M.U.T #2

Following the first in my new regular series of S.M.U.T where I shall do a weekly post containing 2 or 3 Social Media Updates of Facebook, Google, Twitter or similar social channels, here is #2 in the series.

These posts will be of more interest to those working  in Media/Marketing.

My 3 social media updates are the following this week:

  1. Study showing that Facebook in a media plan can increase sales by 24%
  2. Facebook rolls out Ad conversion measurement tool
  3. Twitter releases a Video sharing App

    1. Study showing that Facebook in a media plan can increase sales by 24% 

  • Media intelligence company, Aggregate Knowledge released study results from 4th quarter 2012 of 25 brands, exploding the myth that social media doesn’t generate sales.
  • They identified that campaigns containing Facebook premium ads with supporting marketplace ads on right hand side, increased new sales by up to 24%.
  • Exposure to Facebook ads influences purchase consideration, even if users do not interact or click on them
  • Shows importance of view through attribution tracking of Facebook to tell a truer picture of the user’s path to conversion eg there is value in ad exposures, not just clicks
  • Click to link to Aggregate Knowledge study



2. Facebook rolls out Ad conversion measurement tool

  • Mostly suitable for small to medium businesses.
  • It shows such advertisers, the true value of Facebook ads on brand’s site conversions
  • Conversion measurement is important for marketers who treasure actions done on their websites particularly in direct-response industries, such as e-commerce, financial services, retail, and travel to measure ROI.
  • Facebook wrote in a blog that conversion measurement used with Optimized CPM in its beta tests cut the cost per conversion by 40 percent compared to CPC ads on similar budgets.
  • Here is link to Facebook studio for full explanation: http://bit.ly/XV4Ig6


 3. Twitter releases a video sharing app – Vine

What does that mean?

  • Well, in the same way that Tweets are 140 character text messages, a vine post displays only 6 seconds of video, similar to a GIF image.
  • The best way to explain it is to show the ‘Vine’ post that Twitter CEO did this week that got heads turning !
  • Click to see what could be the next huge phenomenon: STEAK TARTARE IN 6 SECONDS
  • It appears Facebook is currently trying to prevent the app finding your Facebook friends! To be continued!
  • Click here to go to App store to download the Vine App. 

Please feel free to provide feedback on any of my SMUT .



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January 24, 2013

Duct Tape Art

Thanks to my friend, Normand Miron for posting this amazing duct tape artist on Facebook.

The frighteningly talented dutch street artist, Max Zorn, simply uses duct tape and a scalpel to create amazing pieces of art. He then uses street lights to backlight his work.

Click on image to see how he does it

John Lennon by duct tape artist, Max Zorn

I wonder if Mr Zorn used to be a plumber and merely stumbled upon his talent whilst fixing a leaky pipe! Probably not!

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January 23, 2013

‘Must know’ Quebec Internet Info

For those of us who work in advertising/marketing, please consider your EXACT target group when deciding whether to allocate dollars to reaching them on the internet.

Although the stats are based on Quebec market, the key takeaway of my post will be similar in most developed countries.

And here’s why.

We often hear that internet penetration rate is approx 75% in Quebec (CEFRIO confirmed that is currently 74,5%) but here is the key,


If we break down the target groups, let’s see what the penetration rate is and whether we should simply allocate a few dollars to web as an afterthought behind TV.

How many Quebec adults have used internet in week preceding the survey  – Demographic Breakdown (Jan 2013, CEFRIO)

  • Adults 18-24: 100% (yup!)
  • Adults 25-34: 94,4% (Not far from 100% is it and these are not teenagers)
  • Adults 35-44: 90,1% (Yes, 9 out of 10 adults in this key target group)
  • Adults 55+ 53,2% (Much lower than the others but is this your key target usually – it can be, but not generally) 
  • Households with family income exceeding $60k: 89%
  • Students: 100%
  • Professionals: 88%
  • Service and sales sector: 87,8%
  • Some college or university education: 86,3%


For the majority of key demographic groups , the web penetration rate is approx 90 – 100%. It is merely the heavily weighted older demographic of 55+ that brings the overall rate down to approx 75%.

It is very important for brand managers, marketing directors and ad agencies who allocate $ to engage these groups via marketing initiatives to know this key fact.

So please let’s not hear the wrong perception that ‘internet does not provide us with reach.’

It is quite simply not true.

Not only does Internet provide us reach as marketers, but it provides us with an:

  • engaging,
  • fun,
  • lean forward,
  • participative, 
  • sharable reach…when it’s done well ! And this is not just banners, page takeovers and big ‘in your face’ visuals. 

Look what our colleagues at 360i did in US  – The Great Bacon Barter


For the full CEFRIO report (that I learned about from a Sam Parent tweet), click here: CEFRIO INTERNET USE IN QUEBEC 2013

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January 17, 2013

S.M.U.T #1 (Social Media Update Time)

I have decided to create a regular feature called S.M.U.T that identifies recent social media updates to Facebook, Google, Twitter etc that I consider to be significant.

The goal of these posts will be to provide my marketing/media friends with  latest social media changes in a concise, visual way with videos, images and examples.

Today in S.M.U.T #1, I shall explain the following 3 interesting social media updates:

  1. Facebook Social Graph Search
  2. Increase in size of Facebook link previews
  3. Different Facebook post organic reach, by post type

So here goes :

1, Facebook Social Graph search

  • Launched in small beta on January 15th to ‘hundreds or thousands of Facebook users'(very small test)
  • Allows Facebook users to search for various things such as music, restaurants, bars and much more,  based on what their friends like and have interacted with –  this social context makes search results more credible to the user

Here is an excellent video (that my good friend Carlos Pacheco) made me aware of that I find is an excellent demonstration of its functionality/capabilities – click on image below to view it.

If you want an excellent textual summary of ‘4 reasons why marketers should be interested in Graph search’ (when it becomes available), click on our Dentsu partner’s, 360i, logo below to go to concise blog post about it:

2, Increase in size of link previews in Facebook

  • According to Facebook, it seems that they are increasing the size of link previews when you post a link (other than a Youtube video link.)
  • Size of image to double from 90 x 90 pixels to 154 x 154
  • More space for text
  • Greater chance that fans (of brands) or friends (of individual Facebook users) will see their posts and links, due to greater visual visibility on page

Here is the difference in size with the new 154 x 154 pixel link preview format vs previous 90 x 90:

An example of a Jame Oliver post link preview (not exact size but just to show what an actual link preview looks like) :

3. Facebook post organic reach – different by post type

It seems that Facebook organic post reach is different according to post type (eg the number of friends or fans who are exposed to your Facebook posts, without you increasing post reach by paid advertising .)

  • For video, images and link posts: 8-9% of your Facebook fans or friends will see them
  • For text status posts, 11-19% of your Facebook fans or friends will see them

Here is a post from social bakers that shows the decrease in overall organic Facebook post reach up to October 2012  – it contains the following very interesting visual for marketers


I shall try in future to regularly give social media updates in a clear concise fashion that requires little effort on your part, that will allow media, marketing and brand strategists to retain key takeaways quickly. I hope this was a helpful post. Everybody loves SMUT !




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January 15, 2013

Some Lance and Bieber ecards

A couple of ecards  I threw together to recognize Lance Armstrong’s chivalrous coming-out about his lies…..tied in with Bieb’s criminal acts.


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