March 21, 2013

55% beer served in a squirrel !

The heading seems weird but it is absolutely true!

A small UK company, Brewdog, which produces a range of strong beers, produced 11 bottles of a beer called ‘End of History’ that had 55% alcohol content.

brewdog_taxidermy211_534 good

To make it even edgier, they sold these beers packed inside 7 real dead squirrels and 4 dead stoats that had been found as road-kill, and prepared for them by a taxidermist!!

Cost : 500 pounds sterling per bottle !!

However,  for those who will try anything once in their life, going nose to nose with a dead squirrel while drinking a 55% alcohol content beer has got to be up there among ‘things you can tell your grandchildren about!!’




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