February 19, 2011

A Facebook share creates >3 times online revenue than a Tweet

Fascinating research out today that attempts to estimate and compare the revenue generated from Tweets and Twitter follows vs. Facebook shares and likes.

Although I’m a little sceptical about their methodology, it may be a good starting point for comparison.

It makes sense to me that Facebook’s value of shares and likes could potentially be higher than both Tweets and follows in Twitter since as a generality, I believe that we have a stronger relationship with Facebook friends than we do with our Twitter connections. A share from a Facebook friend comes with a certain level of credibility.

For more information on the study, click here: Social Action Value Study

This follows an October 2010 study by online ticketing service, Eventbrite, who calculated that everytime someone shares a link about an upcoming event in the main social media channels, it generated the following $ amount in ticket sales:

  • $2.52 in Facebook
  • $0,90 in Linked In
  • $0,34 in Twitter

Neither of these studies, however, take into account the value of building a long term loyalty programme between a brand and a consumer via these powerful channels.

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the incredible power and value of these social channels. After all, they have even been known to bring down Egyptian governments.

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  • Hendrik Kleinsmiede says:


    • Rob Booth says:

      Thx Henk – There are clearly so many criteria affecting an online sale that they had to make attribution assumptions but it’s useful for us to try to quantify the value of something that has to date been largely unquantifiable.

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