February 9, 2012

A match made in Heaven!

A new ad campaign that we (at Bos) launched today in the main Montreal newspapers for the Montreal Catholic church that follows up on our previous billboard that appeared on the entry to the Champlain Bridge during a period when it felt like all of Quebec’s bridges and roads were falling to pieces or collapsing, according to the local media – The ad translates in english as ‘Say your prayers!’

Our follow up today is just as simple and also plays on topical news, more specifically the most important element of Montreal culture, the Montreal Canadians Hockey Team. For my UK friends, in order to qualify for the playoffs in ice hockey, only the top 8 teams advance. All the rest are eliminated.

So in our ad from the Journal de Montreal today (and La Presse), we have placed the words Prions (Let us pray!’) in 8th place in the hockey table since we statistically have no way of making the playoffs unfortunately! We clearly need divine intervention

The final icing on the cake is that we have a full page article about the ad campaign on page 4 of the Journal de Montreal including the blessing of the Montreal Cardinal, Jean Claude-Turcotte !! hehe.

The Habs, the Catholic Church and Bos – a match made in heaven.




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