June 20, 2012

Are tablets becoming popular?

A post for my media and marketing friends!

A recent tablet study out by The Online Publishers Association, the trade body, and Frank N. Magid Associates, of 2 450 people shows some interesting results regarding media and purchase habits.

Before we get into a summary of the numbers, look at this graphic below that shows how ipad penetration has blown away both iphone and ipod, products that we considered to have become popular pretty quickly – it is not even close how much faster  the ipad is becoming embedded as a media touchpoint in the US :

So what came out of the study?

I’ve tried to summarize the key points below that I feel are most powerful.

  • Tablets (incl. ipads) are used by 31% of US people, expected to rise to 47% by next year (It was only 12% last year!)
  • 52% of tablet owners have an ipad
  • 74% use it daily
  • 85% of tablet users use them for multitasking, alongside watching TV or a mobile phone
  • 66% multitask with ‘3 screens’ eg mobile, TV or PC
  • 61% have purchased content eg books, magazines, films etc
  • 96% have downloaded apps and 72% have paid for apps
  • 38% of users had made purchases after seeing tablet ads in the last six months.
  •  A further 38% had researched products, 23% had clicked on these messages, 20% had redeemed coupons or offers, 19% visited product websites and 15% logged on to Facebook pages.

For the full study click here: Tablet behaviour in US

However, a very new player in the tablet market, the Microsoft surface tablet has got me intrigued to see how much of a threat it will become in the coming months and years, particularly with the addition of a sleek keyboard and some interesting functionality.
I remember looking at the original Microsoft surface table technology back in 2009 for a client, but Microsoft has now basically produced a smaller more mobile version that I think could be incredibly popular and be a very very serious threat to the ipad.
Click on the image to see video explaining the arrival of the new Microsoft surface:

So now we have the following battles playing out in new media:

ipad vs. Surface, Facebook vs. Google, Google Play vs itunes, Amazon vs. Netflix, RTB vs ad networks and many, many more.

Watch this space to see who prevails in the tablet world!



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