December 3, 2013

Booze-Based Advent Calendars

It’s that time of year to enjoy some festive fun coupled with a visual feast.

Last year was Top 7 Psycho Santas and this year it is a Top 5 creative alcoholic advent calendars. So here goes:

# 5

What better for every ‘cold and frosty morning’ up to Christmas Day, than a cold and frosty one.

fridge advent calendar

# 4

Advent, Mexican style.

corona booze


# 3

Maybe the 3 wise men were actually Taz, Matt and Mike !

3 house mates advent calendar

# 2

Probably not going to remember much about Xmas if you follow this advent calendar

wine booze


Improv meets alcolohism meets the birth of Christ – lovely!

Happy Christmas everyone.

beery xmas



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