March 25, 2011

Bye, bye traditional CV, hello 2011 CV!!!

I just love what this guy did by using a QR code to deliver his video CV message  – it combines the real word with the virtual world.

The prospective employer receives a hard copy of the candidate’s face by email (or real mail) with an explanation of what to do on the back of the sheet.

He/she then takes a photo of the QR code located on the photo, and places the iphone in the allocated space on the face photo to see what the mouth has to say !! Genius. Click on image below to see it work.

In times when new positions are hard to come by, what better way to breakthrough the ‘advertising candidate clutter’ and get noticed by a potential employer?

It reminds me of the other highly innovative way that a creative ad guy in U.S found a job via an SEM campaign by buying keywords of the names of his prospective future employers at other ad agencies. His insight was that senior people often type their own names in Google to see what search results appear about themselves.

In his case, he was right, because he got a job based on his online CV being seen by a future employer typing his own name in Google and consequently seeing the guy’s self promotional text link ad, that clicked to his online CV! I think it cost him less than $10 in keywords to land the job.

Looks like no-one’s targeting me via SEM, asking for a job at the moment, but then I don’t type my name in Google…..very often!! Hehe.

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