April 25, 2012

Canadian Online Ad Spending

For those of you who are asked by clients,’how much should we allocate to online media,’ you can now at least say that on average:

  • In 2012, brands in Canada are allocating 23% of media $ to online marketing but
  • in 2016, it is expected to be 30% in Canada.

Important to realize that this is an average so if you have a younger target group of urban people eg 18-24, you can allocate way more than the average and likewise if your target group is significantly older, then you might want to reduce it down accordingly.

This % allocation represents:

  •  $3,08 billion dollars in Canada in 2012 and will represent
  • $4,5 billion in 2016

The net takeaway of this study is that brands, suppliers and agencies need to have solid business models in place that reflect this significant change that is rapidly approaching. Those that do will still have a business in less than 10 years time…..the others, you’re on your own.

Just saying.

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