November 28, 2012

Cat Breading, Planking and Milking

I thought I would briefly talk about 3 of my favourite internet memes, popular concepts that spread virally online

So let’s kick this off.

1. Milking

A recent trend undertaken by UK Undergraduates that basically involves emptying the contents of a milk container over your head in a public space and photographing it:

Here are some examples:

2. Planking

Last year’s popular meme that involved lying like a plank, face-down in a public place, as demonstrated by these talented individuals:

3. Cat Breading (My personal favourite!)

Again, the clue is in the title. This particular meme involves taking a photo of bread on your cat, beautifully modelled by these furious felines:

So what can we start as the next meme? Any suggestions?

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