February 18, 2011

Top 5 inappropriate use of Wives, Doctors and Santa in ads!

This has been very difficult list to compile since the following ads are all completely bonkers.

#5 Imagine how the perception of Santa could have been so different had he blown smoke into the faces of excited children on his lap at the shopping mall every December, asking them if they would prefer Lucky Strikes or Marlboroughs for Christmas?

#4 – Who can we use in our ads that has more even credibility than the jovial, oversized man with the white beard to promote our cigarettes – great idea, doctors! They clearly understand medical issues, including the positive effects of cigarettes on your ‘T-Zone’ (throat and taste zone.)

#3 – Last time I checked, killing other humans, which would obviously includes wives, is not tolerated in even the most backward countries! I don’t even understand what they’re trying to communicate in this random act of advertising madness?!

#2 – Sorry, no words needed. Just plain mental!

#1 – Floundering off the shores of advertising responsibility at top spot in our charts, is an ad for pants (trousers for my UK friends) that has a man with his foot on the head of a woman (that is probably his wife, but could feasibly be his daughter) who is stuffed inside a dead Tiger that is being used as a rug! Unbeatable, shocking communications!

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January 19, 2011

International Arrival of Great Marketing

Following on from T-Mobile’s famous ‘flash mob'(which was technically a well choreographed dance routine rather than a flash mob) at Liverpool Street station in London, T-Mobile has come back with a hugely entertaining piece of video content that plays on human emotions.

Filmed at London’s Heathrow Airport Flight arrivals, ‘Welcome back’ involved:

  • 300 choir members
  • 18 hidden video cameras
  • Human musical instruments
  • Lots of unsuspecting people getting off planes in the arrivals terminal

The objective of the exercise for T-Mobile from a marketing perspective was to use the emotional aspect of an Airport arrivals to get people crying from happiness, and simply associating their brand with this happy content.

As a marketing person, I take my hat off to T-Mobile for their fantastic approach. Most people think that this video generated  more than 6 000 000 views simply as a result of those magic online social media channels. Not true. The results were a result of a superbly executed, complex media and marketing strategy.

Surprisingly, T-Mobile’s ad agency did the following to achieve their amazing results:

  • Used PR to tease the public that another cool ‘ad’ would be coming in the next 24 hours on TV
  • Then aired the extended spots on TV between 10-10.30pm on all commercial channels that then drove to web
  • They continued the experience virally for consumers online by engaging them in discussion and providing behind the scenes exclusive content
  • and here’s the cool part, retargeting those that had seen the video online with T-Mobile ads.

This last point was key since the ad agency identified that those exposed to the brand engagement video were 40-50% more likely to click to T-Mobile site, and hopefully convert to a sale.

So this was not a social media campaign but rather a well planned project that took a fantastic, beautifully executed creative idea, and combined traditional media to create initial interest, and then drove continuity via digital & social media channels to further engage consumers.

The winning formula was the following : Great consumer insight + strong creative idea with seamless execution + strategic media planning (using new and traditional) + use of back end new media technology (online retargeting) & social media monitoring tools.

Nice one, T-Mobile.

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