March 24, 2011

‘Color’ – the new photo-centric social network

I just got a heads up that a new start up called Color launches tomorrow, 24th March 2011, as a Twitter style app that is likely to explode onto the social media scene in US and Europe. The next Facebook or Twitter perhaps. Here is their logo.

Some key points about the color App are:

  • It has been built by engineers from Google, Linkedin and Facebook  – sounds like a good pedigree
  • They bought the URL for $350 000
  • It is a unique photo sharing app for smart phones (but is unlike any of the numerous others on the market!)

  • Every photo and video taken is stored in the cloud and can be seen instantly by anyone nearby – since the images are stored in the cloud, there are no memory issues
  • Every photo or video is immediately considered public, as with Twitter
  • You can choose to either take photos or videos of a place, or simply consume those taken by others currently in your vicinity!
  • Visual thumbnails grow darker or lighter depending of your level of connection with others in your network

Remember today the following stats in its Twitter account. Click below to access @color :

When I started writing this post, there were 3 tweets and 117 followers – a very exciting day. Who knows, we could be part of online history  – ‘Where were you when color launched!!’

For further details, click here:

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