November 21, 2011

Donald, Disney & Dancing

I wrote  a post on my blog in June entitled the Hand from Above showcasing a great interactive initiative from UK containing a hand on a giant screen in a shopping mall, that interacted in real time with shoppers on the ground. Click below to check it out:

This week, a Disney Store has done something very similar on electronic billboards in Times Square, New York where Passers-By can seemingly interact with their favourite characters from Disney movies. Click below to see:

It just demonstrates that the role of creative technologists shall become more and more important in the future – link up a solid idea/concept with a relevant technology to make it live and breathe, and brands like Disney will benefit by entertaining consumers and creating love marks for their products and services.

Ideas like this also give you shareable content that will generate free earned media for your brand if it’s entertaining enough for online consumers. I’m sharing it here for example!!

Thanks, Mickey.





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