August 25, 2011

Facebook Movie Rentals

Miramax  is now in Beta on Facebook with its Miramax Experience App that currently offers 20 movie titles to U.S. customers and 10 titles to those in U.K. and Turkey. (Not sure why Turkey particularly, but good for them.)

Renting a title through the app costs 30 Facebook credits or $3. Facebook users can play films on their TV, computer, smartphone, Google TV or iPad.

The Miramax CEO says that the Miramax app aims to offer consumers a great user experience by watching movie clips, feature length films, playing games and then sharing the experience with their friends in Facebook.

Current available Miramax movies include: Good Will Hunting, Chicago, Spy Kids and Pulp Fiction

150 million Facebook users in 18 months

Although the Miramax Facebook page has only approx 18 000 fans, their internal data estimates that approx 50 millions users in Facebook mention or interact with a Miramax property. Consequently, their  18 month goal is to reach 150 million Facebook users !!

Movies to be stored in the Cloud

The CEO also stated that their ultimate goal is to let users “buy films and store them in their own cloud-based digital locker – so they can access the content anywhere they want, across ALL devices.” The first step in that goal is the release of this App with movie rental capabilities.

This is certainly the multi channel future of film, music and game distribution and consumption.

Other movie studio deals

Facebook does already have deals with other movie studios like Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal — though its deal with Miramax is its largest yet. In fact Warner Brothers began offering movie rentals on individual Facebook fan pages from March 2011.

Facebook is made for this!

Clearly the high reaching, entertaining, user friendly and shareable functionality of Facebook is made for movie, music and game distribution. However, whether Facebook will transform towards being a video destination site, from a largely photo based site, is unlikely in my opinion.

Time will tell. What do you think?

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