May 17, 2011

Facial recognition billboards

Groundbreaking innovation from Immersive Labs in New York who have created billboards that deliver digital messaging based on the billboard viewer’s age & gender, the weather and local Twitter activity ! Click to see the demo video.

The facial recognition software in the billboard can determine the gender and age of whoever is walking by, and, if there’s more than one person looking, can detect the makeup of the crowd.

Immersive uses this information to deliver the ad with the best calculated chance of getting your attention at that moment. Alongside the consumer’s information, the software customizes ads by pulling in local data including the weather and social media updates from sites like Twitter.

But what does that mean in real terms

Well if a fifty-year-old man strolls by an ad for tampons, the ad will morph seamlessly into an ad for running shoes before he gets there. If a crowd of men and women of all ages come by on a cold morning, the display might transform into an ad for hot coffee: a gender-neutral, time and weather appropriate solution.

And if hundreds of people are tweeting about a local hockey game, the software might realize a sports game is unfolding nearby, and display a nicely appropriate sports ad.

Not sure what the targeting criteria is here to receive this image!!

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