May 31, 2011

From Cat nip & Cat nap, to Cat app

Hats off to the brand managers at Purina for this branded ipad App for Cats that combines three games apparently created based on Cat research. Click to see the actual cats in action.

Obviously the research identified that Cats will try to jump on anything that has fast random movements – as you can see, they certainly like to bat digital fish and virtual cat food!

I love how Purina has moved away from a traditional approach to communicating their brand by producing an entertaining app that clearly would appeal to Cat lovers everywhere.

This is not about campaign reach – it is about giving their core cat food buying consumers something that is fun which they know lots of people will want to share virally, and simply putting their brand name to it – 844 000 views on Youtube so far.

The key to this initiative in my opinion is that even though very few people will actually bother getting the Purina branded cat app and let their cats claw up their ipad, hundreds of thousands of Cat lovers want to watch and share the video content showing it.

This is where the brand ‘love marks’ come in that should ultimately convert to ROI, if followed up with other solid brand initiatives

And for those worried about kitty clawing your hi tech ipad – a simple cover will protect it from Cat Scratch fever!

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