May 27, 2011

Google Music vs. Spotify for Facebook (Facebook Music)

Google announced this month their Music Beta by Google product that they are currently testing in U.S where they say that:

  • music is easy accessible via various platforms
  • it is cable free and
  • consumers will ‘spend more time listening to music and less time managing it’ (a nice dig at iTunes !)

Click on image to learn about the new Google Music product :

It’s funny that Facebook is allegedly about 2 weeks away from announcing a similar launch of  a Facebook Music product, where apparently they shall be partnering with Spotify.

According to Wikipedia:

Spotify is a proprietary peer-to-peer music streaming service and application software from a Swedish based company. It allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums, with virtually no buffering delay.

It is only currently available in Scandinavian countries, France, Netherlands and UK but that they are presently ironing out some last minute issues with regards to rights etc so that it becomes available in US (not sure about Canada.)

The new product is expected to be called Spotify for Facebook rather than be a stand alone music service.

The features on Facebook :

  • will appear as an icon on the left of the newsfeed (I imagine it will be the logo above), where users are used to seeing the messages and events icons. Clicking the icon will install Spotify on your desktop and allow users to play songs through Facebook.
  • the ability to listen to music simultaneously with your friends over Facebook.

Let’s see what happens next – I still really like the notion that the music will be shareable with friends simultaneously. This is how our mass TV viewing habits will be in the future , I believe – sharing our thoughts in real time on our screens during shows/video content with our Facebook friends.

Exciting times.

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2 Responses to “Google Music vs. Spotify for Facebook (Facebook Music)”

  • Philippe says:

    I like – I’ve been using Audiogalaxy ( for the past few months and it is a pretty good service. Downfall is your collection is streamed from YOUR computer and therefore it needs to be on for you to access your songs…

    Can’t wait for Music Beta to be available in Canada !

    • Rob Booth says:

      Thx for the feedback Phil – always appreciated. I’d like to check out the sharing music simultaneously function on Facebook to see how that works socially. Also apparently Apple will be launching an icloud type of music offering, similar to Google’s although the Apple advantage is that they apparently have 3 of the 4 major Music companies on board, which Google doesn’t. Apple could blow everyone out the water if they solidify their icloud offering with the last remember music label. Exciting stuff.

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