April 5, 2012

Google’s Vision : Eye glasses that incorporate Google’s products

Following last month’s announcement that Google is well advanced on inventing a car that drives itself, they have also announced the Google Glass Project.

For this, they are actively developing technology that would allow consumers to wear glasses that would contain Google products and services to assist consumers in their lives in real time based on spoken instructions.

This is quite honestly one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen.

In principle, the glasses would allow you to:

  • Take photos,
  • Initiate videochats
  • Provide information
  • Display directions, all at the sound of a user’s voice.

Pretty extraordinary evolution for the two founders, Page and Brin, who started out with a search engine called Backrub back in 1996 and who are now producing self driving cars and glasses that provide us information in real time based on our speech.

What vision !!



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