March 8, 2012

Laptops more popular than TVs in UK

For the first time ever and to further demonstrate the incredible evolution that is happening around us, a Deloitte UK survey that asked 2 276 people the question, ‘what is your favourite piece of technology?’ has revealed the following answers :

  1. Laptops           28%
  2. TV                    22% 
  3. Desktop PCs    19%
  4. Smartphones   10%

This is the first time ever that TV has not headed the list in this annual survey 

The most popular new technological feature desired by the surveyed panel was:

  • the ability to transfer music, TV shows, films and similar content between devices and platforms –  42% said this
  • 30% would like to back up their media to the cloud.
  • 26% of respondents wanted to purchase and download newspapers, magazines and books onto any device

We as a marketing and advertising industry need to realize that consumers need to have this interactivity and freedom to control their own media consumption when and where it suits them – so let’s continue to give them the concepts, the entertainment, the tools, the platforms to do this…..and associate brands intelligently to these.

TV is still a great, non-interactive, mass ‘push’ medium which is great ‘door to a deeper engagement,’ but interactive media is where the depth of consumer and brand experience will happen.

It’s all good!



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