April 27, 2012

Lost Stormtrooper seen in Oz

Hats off to Jacob French who recently raised $100 000 for the Starlight foundation by walking across Australia dressed as a Stormtrooper:

By covering the 3 016 miles between Sydney and Perth, Stormtrooper French got through 7 pairs of shoes and lost 26 lbs.

I just love the surreal photos above showing people going about their daily lives while a Stormtrooper pushes a stroller along the bike path. Brilliant.

Perhaps this is what happened to those lucky few on the Death Star that managed to escape the deathly grip of the Sith Lords and who escaped to settle down and live normal lives. However, not sure what job opportunities you have after having  ‘8 years of Death Star Stormtrooping’ on your CV !!

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