November 3, 2011

Taking photos using your hands ? Yup

Thanks to Jeff Hopson at Mediamind for finding me a new hero, a man called Pranav Mistry, who is a pHD student at M.I.T’s Media Lab.

He is the pioneer of numerous groundbreaking pieces of technology that allow humans to interact with objects in ways that seem totally impossible, but the two that really blow me away are the following:

Sixth Sense

  • Amongst other things, take a photo of anything by simply making a frame shape with your hands that frames the image you want to take !
  • Then afterwards, make a throwing gesture towards a wall and the photos you just took with your hands will appear
  • Then change the photos sizes on the wall by your hand gestures
Don’t believe me?! Check out the video below.
From 2 minutes into the video, it starts getting good, but at 3 mins 20 secs it’s nuts and then from 5 mins 5 secs, it’s all just too mindblowing !! Seriously, imagine how this will change our lives.


  • Receive a text message of an address on your phone, you touch the address with your finger, then touch the search bar in Google Maps in your web browser on your Laptop and the address will be transferred to your laptop.
  • Want to see some pictures currently on your digital camera, on your tablet computer? Select the pictures you want to copy by touching them on the camera display screen and now pass it to your tablet by touching the screen of the tablet

The  Sparsh video :

Who will be the first to take these technologies and apply them on a mass scale to our real lives – Microsoft, Apple ? Watch this space.


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