April 29, 2011

T Mobile Royal Wedding Dance

Following my previous posts (click on the singing man below) about fantastic T Mobile viral campaigns in the UK, they have excelled themselves with this great video containing Royal look-a-likes at the Royal Wedding.

Yet again, the key to their latest topical, Royal success is a great, entertaining idea that people want to share in very large numbers – it’s not an ad. It is amusing, powerful video content to which the T-Mobile brand has tagged its name – that’s all. Check it out below.

By the way, I really hope that is actually Harry in the video!!

Nice job, T-Mobile.

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One Response to “T Mobile Royal Wedding Dance”

  • Andy Arnott says:

    It’s a brilliant effort and already 18 million views. My favourite is still the Liverpool Street station one though (currently 28 million views which is pretty amazing). It wasn’t exactly original but it’s just so well executed – the scale of it, the length of the routine, the way it ends, and to top it off, the fact that it was in London where you’ll find the most miserable commuters anywhere!


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