May 18, 2011

Lynx Stream App: a record of your crazy night out

I don’t know if this idea was spawned by success of the ‘Hangover’ movie but Unilever has created this fantastic branded app that enables you to keep a record of your big night out with friends.

They have really shown how to create a fun and engaging framework for their users to share content. If you woke up to find a tiger in your bathroom last night, with this app, you’d know how it got there.

By creating this app, it allows the Lynx Brand to create a community which is integrated with the user’s personal mobile device that facilitates sharing across their chosen social networks. Click below to see how it works

Reebok has also recently produced a social motivation app, The Promise Keeper, that combines mobile marketing with microsites to bring their audience together in a socially  connected community.

The great thing about both apps is that they integrate the phones features effectively into the experience via video and camera in the case of Lynx, and the GPS functionality in the case of Reebok.

Clearly for any branded social app, the easy share functionality and entertainment factor must be at the centre of everything in order to build a meaningful community and for the brand to gain significant ‘love marks!!’

By the way, if I was planning the interactive media of this Lynx app in the U.S, I’d be all of the launch of Hangover 2 !! What a perfect fit. Maybe they will.

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March 24, 2011

‘Color’ – the new photo-centric social network

I just got a heads up that a new start up called Color launches tomorrow, 24th March 2011, as a Twitter style app that is likely to explode onto the social media scene in US and Europe. The next Facebook or Twitter perhaps. Here is their logo.

Some key points about the color App are:

  • It has been built by engineers from Google, Linkedin and Facebook  – sounds like a good pedigree
  • They bought the URL for $350 000
  • It is a unique photo sharing app for smart phones (but is unlike any of the numerous others on the market!)

  • Every photo and video taken is stored in the cloud and can be seen instantly by anyone nearby – since the images are stored in the cloud, there are no memory issues
  • Every photo or video is immediately considered public, as with Twitter
  • You can choose to either take photos or videos of a place, or simply consume those taken by others currently in your vicinity!
  • Visual thumbnails grow darker or lighter depending of your level of connection with others in your network

Remember today the following stats in its Twitter account. Click below to access @color :

When I started writing this post, there were 3 tweets and 117 followers – a very exciting day. Who knows, we could be part of online history  – ‘Where were you when color launched!!’

For further details, click here:

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March 21, 2011

A smart move for Facebook on less than smart phones

It appears that Facebook has just acquired an Israeli company called Snaptu, an app developer for ‘non smart’ phones, for approx $70 million (it’s first acquisition outside of the US.) The deal is likely to be made official in the next few weeks.

Snaptu says that 95% of the global mobile phone market comprises ‘non smart’ or ‘feature’ phones and so it is believed that this deal should enable Facebook to become a lot more social among a much larger group of phone users.

The new app is an enhancement to Facebook Zero, an existing product for lower end phones, that is believed to be compatible with 2 500 phone models. Click on SNAPTU home page below for further info about their products.

It is still unclear what the other longer term reasons are for this Snaptu acquisition, but in the short term, they’re smart for increasing the Facebook social reach on less than smart phones, that’s for sure.

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December 16, 2010

Earthquakes – there’s an app for that!

I was recently in the Napa Valley, near San Francisco for a New Media Conference and the discussion during a very informal breakfast one morning turned to earthquakes. Clearly the west coast of the U.S is a high risk area for earthquakes due to its precarious location on one of the world’s major fault lines, the San Andreas Fault.

However, although I know that there is an app for pretty much everything these days, I was surprised to see one of the guys at the table produce his iphone and show us the Quakewatch app that costs 99c, which showed us that there had been several minor tremors even a few minutes ago and exactly their magnitude, depth and location from our breakfast !! I was absolutely amazed to see how many apparent earthquakes, even though of low magnitude, had taken place near our breakfast.

Quakewatch app
It made me wonder if this is just an app that has great talk value at parties or whether it has any real use when a 7,5 earthquake actually strikes. I’m guessing that when you’re on the 15th floor when a significant earthquake hits, your first reaction is not going to be to reach for the Quakewatch app to see whether there is possibly a large earthquake nearby or what magnitude it is !

I would suggest that having the contents of your desk emptied onto your office floor due to the building’s swaying movement is likely to be the strongest indicator that something is awry in the trembling earth department.  I actually think it may be one of the rare occasions when you actually use your iphone….as a telephone, to get you the hell out of there asap!

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