March 6, 2011

The biggest social networks in the world.

Here is the most recent 2011 version that I can find of a world map of the most popular Social Networks, by Ria Novosti

Notice at the bottom of the map, the relative size of these social networks – there are some surprises.

I find it fascinating that there are so many significant social networks in various regions of the world of which most people in the western world are just not aware.

The world’s second largest is a chinese network, Qzone (owned by Tencent) which had at the last count, 480 million registered users, still a distance behind Facebook’s 640 million registered, but nonetheless, rather impressive for a single country!

However,the major difference  between Facebook and QZone is the level of governmental control. The chinese government allegedly accepts western Networks into their country initially in order for them to identify the key ideas, then they put up firewalls that restrict the usage of sites like Facebook by their own population, and then build on the key ideas that they have discovered from outside their closed walls.

In addition, they then rely on a relatively sophisticated system of censoring these networks to largely control freedom of speech.

I cannot think of 2 differing ideologies that are further apart than Communism, which is all about control and equality, and social networks which are about freedom of speech and fast, mass distribution of communications.

Actually I can think of 2 others with very different ideologies regarding social networking. Yeah, baby!

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