March 29, 2013

Top 5 Easter Bunnies from hell

#5 – The look of this demonic beast is saying to the cameraman ‘if you tell anyone about this, I know where you live.’

bunny #5

#4 – Why any child would come within 50 metres of the lap of this lapin, is beyond me. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

bunny number 4

#3 Р Could the eyes of this loveable animal be any more threatening Рabsolutely not.

bunny 3

#2 – Even in the ‘good old days,’ oversized rabbits in a catatonic state were just as disturbing.

bunny 2

#1 – The lack of expression, the eyes giving a sense of brain damage and the general unkempt state of this dirty lagomorph, make it a clear number 1

bunny 1

Happy Easter, everyone!

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