April 30, 2014

Top 5 Hadoukens ! What are they?

Came across this great trend similar to Vadering or Planking known as ‘Hadoukening.’

The word Hadouken comes from the Japanese Ha Dou (Wave or Surge) and Ken (Fist, Technique, or Attack); a blastwave or fireball formed from a martial artist’s life energy (or ki/ch’i).

It is the action taken in games like Mortal Combat when someone fires a powerful energy wave or fireball at others attacking them.

Err..what the hell are you talking about, Rob?

Let’s just show my Top 5 – you’ll get the idea:


#5 The Single Kid Hadouken 


#4  The Boss Hadouken

Hadouken 4 guys

#3 The buddy Hadouken

hadoukening guy kneeling

#2 The Fist Hadouken

Spark Bunny Blog Image


#1 The Yoda Hadouken - well deserving of it’s position at the top

awesome hardouken


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