December 4, 2011

Top 7 psycho Santas

So it’s that time of year again.

A time when we curse and swear trying to get overpriced, oversized pointy trees on our car roofs with frozen, numb fingers.

A time when we argue about where that pointy tree should go…over here or over there?

And of course, it’s a time when the law turns a blind eye to children sitting on the laps of ¬†strange old bearded men in shopping malls

Enjoy this list of 7 seasonal psychos ¬†– ‘Tis the season to be Jolly ….scared’


#7 – Clearly the shopping mall police check on this man never happened !


#6 – Alcohol induced present-giving at its best


#5 – Make up or booze caused that look? Either way….highly disturbing


#4 – Number 5’s brother perhaps? Double trauma here for these poor little guys.


#3 – What are you staring at, cameraman? Get lost !


#2 – If you tell anyone about this…….I swear I’ll hunt you down!


#1 – Pure, pure evil – Lapland takes on a different meaning for this chart-topping, psycho Saint Nicholas !


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