June 8, 2011

Top 7 regretful tattoos

My latest top 7 was inspired by an urban legend story that I heard years ago about an Elvis Presley fan who allegedly went for a tattoo after a drunken night out wanting to have the words ‘Elvis R.I.P’ permanently etched onto his body, but unfortunately ended up with the less-than-catchy term, ‘Evis R.I ‘ on him instead.

Anyway , enjoy these classics which all have the same common theme – all the recipients of these tattoos looked in the mirror afterwards to admire their latest body art creations and went ‘Oh, no’ or maybe ‘Oh, know!’ or possibly ‘O  now!’

#7 Brenda Lover - Never a great idea to put the name of your loved one on you permanently, even if Brenda is a really special person

#6 Not so Awsome - Does he think he is awesome or handsome?

#5 – Is Elese doing everyone ? How one letter can transform your permanent artwork

#4 – I think I see a mistake, Cheif

#3 – A tradgic tatu, reellee tradgic

#2 – An exreme case of bad tattooing

#1 – A child, a reptile or a drunken tattooist?

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