May 10, 2011

Try watching 3D movies without the 3D glasses!

A challenge that we often face in the Interactive media industry are the various perceptions of internet as a medium. Everybody sees things differently:

These perceptions about internet marketing can range from:

  • those that don’t get web at all (which is normal and fine by the way) but realize that there is huge potential and they need and want to understand it
  • those that don’t get web at all (like I said, that’s normal), but they don’t believe in it and have no intention to test/participate in it etc – too complicated
  • those who have limited web knowledge but enough to do some half hearted online communications – can be dangerous with disappointing results.
  • those who don’t consume much web themselves and believe therefore that their media target (even if a different age to them) surely doesn’t use it either ¬†– this is the most dangerous perception in my opinion.

What always disappoints me is when I hear of marketers that are allocating extremely small budgets to online awareness campaigns and then being disappointed that they don’t notice it much or that the campaign is too short.

In traditional media terms, it would be like booking 1/8th page, black and white ad in 2 newspapers for 1 day and then consequently being disappointed by the lack of awareness and campaign length.

How would you feel If you watch a 3D movie, on a 3D compatible TV but without the 3D glasses? well, of course you are going to think that the whole 3D experience is completely overrated, right, and rightly so.

I guarantee that if interactive media is planned in a : thorough,strategically relevant,insightful manner with strong supporting budgets, buying strategies, shareable creative concepts and solid performance metrics,the ‘3D movie experience’ will be very, very satisfying.

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