April 28, 2011

2 TV ads from 1970s – truly awful

Irish Spring 1977

As a marketing man, I can appreciate Irish Spring using the bad guy (Mr Miagi’s nemesis) from the original Karate Kid movie to demonstrate their brand attributes of :

  • Manliness (by showing Irish men arm wrestling & writing the words manly deodorant soap on the packet) &
  • Double level deodorant (let’s cut open the soap and show the two colours.)

All that being said, it is a truly crap 70s ad.

The Hair Man 1978

Er..Don’t know where to start……Just watch it and enjoy the following:

  • The top camera transition from left to right – seamless to the TV viewer!
  • The entry mid-way into the TV spot of the actor applying the ridiculously fitting hairpiece like a hat
  • The Hair Man logo in the final frame – what the hell is that. Appears to be a deformed animal on a ski lift

The people of Hobbs, New Mexico should be proud.

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