September 17, 2012

Ultimat Social Media Campaign

Myth #1 – ‘The great thing about social media is that it’s free.’ WRONG

Myth #2 – ‘Can you make us a viral video please.’ WRONG

Myth 3 – ‘It doesn’t matter that we have nothing to say – everyone will come to our Facebook page anyway.’ WRONG

Nothing dispels these commonly recurring myths more than the latest excellent, online efforts by Ultimat Vodka, whose objective was to capture the attention of a difficult to reach target group, predominantly tied to their offices by their work.

Ultimat created a video of a guy lowering himself down the side of an office tower in a window cleaning cradle, showing the workers written signs through the windows and encouraging them to stop working, get drinking.

Here is the video:

Why were their online efforts successful?

1. Insight about the people they wanted to reach

”White collar professionals spend a lot of time behind their desks, so leveraging something like video content that they can access through our Facebook page, made a lot of sense to us,” explained Jennifer Long, brand director, Patrón Spirits.

A typical approach for brands in this situation would be to produce a TV spot purchased in prime time along with other traditional media, some limited digital media to reach this elusive crowd.

Ultimat’s insight made them want to take the brand to the consumer where they worked,in an impactful and entertaining way

2. ‘Share-worthy’ Killer Content

I just mentioned that they brought their message to the consumer in an ‘entertaining’ way – all marketing/advertising content in 2012 needs to either entertain or provide utility to its actual and potential consumers. Ultimat did this.

The tone of the content is also vital to any project’s success – if consumers perceive it as ‘a corporation trying to be cool,’ it is doomed. Ultimat got the tone of their video just about right, in my humble opinion, as the reaction of office workers to seeing this strange man, seemed very natural.

3. Use of Paid media to help generate earned media

The best social initiatives online will not simply happen ‘virally’ on their own, as many people seem to think. Of course, there are numerous exceptions to the rule like :

but these are the creme de la creme of viral content that are not the norm, and the degree of success of these could not possibly have been predicted. Even Old Spice has used massive amounts of paid media to promote their great content.

If these 3 examples above of viral success were pop songs, they would be Bohemian Rhapsody.

If they were movies, they would be The Godfather.

But 99% of content that brands hope will go viral, are not even close to being a Godfather or a Bohemian Rhapsody in terms of their quality.

So they need help to amplify their brand message.

Ultimat used the following paid digital touchpoints to amplify their video content:

  • Targeted Facebook buys leveraging their YouTube player
  • They created a Facebook App called Social Life Audit that crawls users Facebook content and gives them a social life score based on how often they check into fun locations and whether they smile in photos. (Great use of technology.)
  • Used Facebook Sponsored Stories to promote the App
  • Ran pre roll ads on Hulu and other digital platforms

So next time someone expects you to produce the next Bohemian Rhapsody or Godfather content for your ‘viral’ campaign, just make sure you mention the ‘Ultimat Social Media campaign’ to them, which wasn’t free and which did have something very interesting to say.

And if they ignore your recommendation, they just might reply to you:

Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters…….. to me !!






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