January 29, 2011

Unpopular Auntie on board

We’ve all seen them and I defy anyone to explain to me the exact purpose of them – yes, the ubiquitous baby on board signs that we see in car windows when we’re waiting patiently at traffic lights.

Are these strange, yellow signs aimed at fellow vehicle drivers who may mistakenly believe they are Roman Centurions and are considering indiscriminately running cars off the road, like their Italian predecessors did in violent Chariot races. If so, the Baby on board sign may very well act as an effective deterrent.

Are they concerned about modern day pirates who may pull up alongside the car on the highway demanding cash and jewelery – I agree again that the baby on board sign may potentially deter certain pirates that at least have a little heart

But the more likely messages being sent by this sign to other drivers are :

  • Watch out – I may swerve unexpectedly while driving due to tiredness or reaching in the back seat to comfort my grouchy offspring
  • Please give my car lots of space because I am generally just a crap driver
  • I just like putting up pictures, even in my car

Strange though that they never tell us when they have their Mother in law orĀ unpopular Auntie on board.

I suggest a considerably more dramatic approach if you really want everyone to know (for whatever reason) that you have a baby in your car. Put a dummy of your baby clawing at your side windows. That should do it!!

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One Response to “Unpopular Auntie on board”

  • As you say, they’re an incredibly handy way of identifying tosspots on the road, so I’m all for them. It’s a big yellow homage to stupidity.

    I also wonder if many accidents are caused by old folk driving up really close trying to read the sign.

    I love the dummy baby. Perhaps you could save money by just trapping your real child’s fingers in the window?

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