April 14, 2011

Which would Canadians rather give up – Internet or TV.

A recent survey for the Canadian Media Research Consortium at the University of British Columbia showed that Canadians were LEAST WILLING to give up their media in the following order:

  • 42% Internet connection
  • 24% their TV package
  • 17% mobile phone service
  • 17% newspaper delivery  (Older Canadians were more reluctant to give it up vs. average Canadian)

  • In addition, 18- to 34-year-olds have just as many computers per household as TVs at 2.4. That number drops to 2.2 for the average Canadian.
  • Given the choice, Canadians prefer TV for news and information, though that’s truer for women than it is for men.
  • To conclude, the study said, that any media, whether it be in TV, radio or print, that fails to focus on providing content for computers, tablets and smartphones will be left behind.

So fingers out, please, content providers! You have been warned.

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