August 31, 2011

Where’s my brain ?

A recent article containing some strong visuals, caught my attention whilst surfing online.

A rather eccentric, but well-meaning individual from the UK, John Mosley,22, decided that a great way to raise money for charity would be to recreate a full ‘where’s Wally’ scene on his back in tattoos. (The animated character is known as Waldo in North America, but the concept and character are identical.)

For anyone that doesn’t know him (but I think most of you will) he is the guy below that you have to find in busy pictures in children’s books.

Check out the extent of the Wally, ‘back-based’ animated madness that took 24 hours to complete and included 150 characters:

I figured that the guy must surely have raised tens or hundreds of thousands of $ for charity to have this permanently etched on his person for the remainder of his life (he could have gone to the ‘Where’s Wally’ book publishers I imagine for a sizeable donation, no?)

How mistaken I was and while I admire hugely the intentions and efforts of Mr Mosley, I found it a little sad that his stupendous, skin sketch only raised $2k for charity.

Now I know that some of you will be saying ‘Hey, that’s actually a lot of money raised by one person’ and ‘I don’t see you organizing a fund raiser like him.’

Agreed on both points, but I can only think of the conversation he will have in 40 years with his grand children when they go on a day trip to the beach with Grandad, and he unveils his bodily etchings to them for the first time:

Grandson: What’s that big, blurry, black and white picture on your back, Grandad
Grandad: I had that done to raise money for charity in 2011
Grandson: What is it about?
Grandad: There used to be a series of books called ‘Where’s Wally’ where you had to find a boy wearing a red and white striped shirt, hat and glasses’ in a big, busy crowd of people. It is a scene from that.
Grandson: Why?
Grandad: Err….errr…errr…errrrr…do you fancy a swim?

The 6′ 5″ Mr Mosley actually said in the article that his tattoo ‘will be a talking point for years to come. People will able to look at my back and have fun searching around for Wally.’

I think they’re going to find the Wally faster than he thinks.

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