May 16, 2012

Who’s better: Jackson Pollock or Paul Cadden?

Art is subjective….totally….1000% subjective.

And this is why.

The famous american artist, Jackson Pollock created an abstract piece of art that was sold in 2006 by founder of Geffen records and cofounder of Dreamworks, David Geffen, for $140 million in a private sale.

And this is it:

Looks like the floor of my local barbers actually.

And this is an image created by 47 year old relatively unknown Scottish artist, Paul Cadden :

The image directly above of a bearded man with a wet face is not in fact a photo but a pencil drawing that took approximately 6 weeks to complete. Mr Cadden sells his pieces for $5 000 each.

Here below is another example of his incredible talent using graphite, not a camera :

Mr Cadden, hats off to you for your extraordinary, understated talent.

Mr Pollock, I’ll get my brush to sweep up the hair on the floor !!


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