February 26, 2011

Why do birds fly north after winter

My son came up with a very good question a few weeks back – ”Dad, why do birds that fly south for winter bother coming back afterwards!!”

And it was an excellent observation because let’s face it, every year they submit their bodies to incredible punishment to fly thousands of miles to these warmer southern climates, pushing their feathery extremities to the limits, just to escape the snowy northern weather for a few months.

But think about it, they have no reason to embark on a long haul flight back north – unlike us, they have no mortgage, no jobs, no kids’ hockey practices, no careers, all their family and friends are with them, and there are numerous beaches, permanent sunshine and fresh fish for as far as the bird’s eye can see.

So birds, if you’re able to use a computer and read, and you’re reading this, just stay in the sun, enjoy the great food and gorgeous beaches – there’s no need to fly back 2000 miles, as the crow flies. Stay down south and live big!

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